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Amalfi Coast – The 5 Best Instagram Spots

So, Why Instagram The Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi Coast - The 5 Best Instagram Spots - Amalfi

Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and the area that surrounds it, is known as one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Blue skies meet azure seas, pastel-coloured houses cling to cliffs which are lush with flowers and greenery, bougainvillea grows next to lemon groves – it’s obvious to see why the region attracts travellers and photographers alike. But what are the best spots? Where are the locations that are really going to get the likes flooding into your Instagram feed?

Let’s face it – we all like to brag a little when we’re visiting somewhere beautiful. Oh, we may pretend we don’t – but I’ve seen you with that little half-smile as you upload that photo. Yes, you right there. I can see your eyes glinting. By the way, I love what you’ve done with your hair.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the most beautiful views in the area. I’m including the whole of the Sorrentine peninsula and the islands of the Bay of Naples, so wherever you’re staying during your trip, you’ll find a view to make the folks back home drool over their phones.

By the way! If you’re touring Italy and looking for some tips from a local on where to go and what to do, I highly recommend this awesome 10-day itinerary of Italy – check out the Amalfi Coast tips!

Amalfi Coast - The 5 Best Instagram Spots - View of Positano Beach, Italy

1. Positano’s Beach

In a region like the Amalfi Coast, where fine views are as common as the ubiquitous lemon groves, it’s hard to look past Positano as the mightiest of them all. Beloved by the rich and famous, there’s a reason why the town draws so many visitors, both Italian and foreign alike – it’s a stunningly beautiful town, with houses tumbling down steep cliffsides until they kiss the blue sea. It’s the perfect backdrop for the beach, with its long expanse of soft golden sands and army of sun worshippers, and this is where you can find that perfect Instagram view.

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Head down the streets to the beach, take a left, and walk along the path which skirts along the beach – you’ll spot it easily; it’s lined with restaurants. Eventually this will take you to a bend and a high wall, where you’ll find a stone staircase going upwards. This is the perfect spot for your photo; hop up a few steps for enough elevation to raise you above anyone walking through your shot. Or if you’re a selfie lover, make use of the sunbeds on the beach, and capture that photo of you working on that golden tan.

Want  to read more about Positano? Check out the story of my trip here!

Amalfi Coast - The 5 Best Instagram Spots - Ravello

2. Ravello’s Villa Rufolo

The gorgeous little town of Ravello is perched up high in the hills above the  Amalfi Coast, and unless you’ve rented a car, you’ll reach it by taking a bus trip which will give you a brand new appreciation for Italian drivers. The roads are winding the corners tight, and the car horns well-used, but the town is thoroughly worth the journey. Thanks to its location, there’s not many spots in town which don’t offer a stunning view of green valleys reaching towards the sea below, but there’s one place in particular which offers a tailor-made Instagram hotspot.

You’ll find Villa Rufolo easily; it’s the main attraction in town (if you’re still having trouble, it’s directly opposite the easily-spottable Duomo). It’s open every day from 9AM to 7PM, and entrance costs €5. A tour of the building itself is thoroughly worth it – it dates back to the 13th century – but for that prime Instagramable spot, you want the gardens.  Aside from the blooms themselves, the main draw is the view from the terraces, where you’ll find a dreamlike vista of the building framed by nothing but blue.

Amalfi Coast - The 5 Best Instagram Spots - Sorrento View of Vesuvius

3. Sorrento’s View of Vesuvius

Just over the other side of the peninsula from the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento commands a wonderful position overlooking the Bay of Naples. There’s plenty of places to make the most of the views, and it’s equally attractive at night, when you can see the streetlights of Naples and Ischia glittering on the horizon. But the element which really draws a photographer’s eye is Vesuvius. The infamous volcano lurks across the bay, usually shrouded with wisps of steam, and its the perfect backdrop to illustrate your travels in the region – who can resist a volcano selfie? There’s usually a big crowd of people down by Sorrento’s San Francesco church (the cloister of which is also perfect for an Instagram snap), but what about somewhere a little quieter, with less tourists in the way?

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From the church, head back out to the road, and turn right – if you keep going down Via Vittorio Veneto, you’ll reach the Piazza Della Vittoria. Pop across the road to the little balcony situated outside the gates to the Hotel De La Syrene, and you’ll have a stunning view with the added bonus of bougainvillea framing your shot. Perfect.

For more about Sorrento, check out my guide!

Amalfi Coast - The 5 Best Instagram Spots - Via Krupp Capri

4. Capri – Via Krupp

The name may not sound terribly Italian, but there’s few finer spots for showing off la vita dolce to your Instagram followers. An easy day trip from the Amalfi Coast, Capri is blessed with an abundance of photo opportunities – the only hard part is picking which one you like best. Fans of the selfie may want to head to the balcony viewpoint at I Faraglioni for a postcard-perfect backdrop of the famous rock formations, but for invoking pure insta-envy, the view of Via Krupp is a winner. The switchback path cut into the cliff face is a structural wonder (although often closed due to falling rocks), and the blue sea at the end of the path is worth the trip alone.

You can get the best view, especially if the road is temporarily closed, by visiting the Giardini di Augusto. When you arrive in Capri, take the funicular railway up to Capri Town, then follow the streets to the park – if you don’t wander off the main street, you’ll eventually come to a pathway leading off to the right (Via Matteotti), where a granita stall is set up. Follow this path, past the Carthusia perfume shop, and you’ll come to the garden’s entrance. Tickets are only €1, and excellent value for money!

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There’s so much to do on Capri – for more views and things to do, click here and here!

Amalfi Coast - The 5 Best Instagram Spots - Procida Corricella

5. Procida – Corricella Marina

It may be a little further away from the Amalfi Coast, but a trip to the tiny island of Procida is well worth it – you’ll be filling your Instagram feed with colour, as well as experiencing an authentic slice of Italian life. If you’re staying on the Amalfi Coast, the easiest way to reach it is to head back to Naples. Hop on a ferry, and double up a trip to Procida with a jaunt to neighbouring Ischia, where there’s plenty of things to do! When you get there, you’ll be reminded of other Italian locations such as Cinque Terre or Burano, thanks to the brightly-coloured buildings which line the island’s harbour.

Anywhere in the town of Corricella is going to give you those wonderful colours, but for pure Instagram win, head up the road at the right-hand side of the Marina until you’re going uphill – you’ll then be able to turn and get a fabulous view, with a foreground of sparkling Mediterranean.


So, that wraps up my picks for the best Instagram spots on the Amalfi Coast! But when an area is so gorgeous, you’re spoiled for choice – let me know in the comments below if you’ve got another location that’ll have people doin’ it for the gram!

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We all know that the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's - and the world's - most beautiful places, and therefore a photographer's dream. But what are the best spots to Instagram? What's going to invoke the maximum travel inspiration/insta-envy? Click here to find out! #amalfi #italy #europe #travel #instagram

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's - and the world's - most beautiful places, and a photography dream. But what are the best spots to Instagram? Click here to find out! #amalfi #italy #europe #travel #instagram





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    No words can describe the beauty that is the Amalfi Coast!

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