The Best Restaurants in Nuremberg: What to Eat, and Where to Have It!

Nuremberg is super underrated. And that goes for restaurants in Nuremberg, too. Guys, that is so criminal that I’m about to phone the police and demand that they deal with this shocking state of affairs.

Open up a new tab, plop “what is Nuremberg famous for?” into Google, and you’ll come up with a whole host of answers dealing with the town’s history – some of it quite dark – and maybe the pretty streets and castle. But very few articles state what should be one of the obvious answers: the outstanding quality of the restaurants in Nuremberg, and the food served within them! There’s zero doubt in my mind that Nuremberg deserves to be up there with the other jewels in the Germany foodie crown.

So let’s take a journey into some of the best Nuremberg restaurants. We’ll explore the best places to eat (and where to get the best schnitzel you’ll ever taste in your life), salivate over our screens, and hope that I don’t get arrested by the police for that call I just put in about restaurants. What do they mean, “waste of police time”? This is important!

The pretty streets of Nuremberg in Germany, with wooden beams visible, and a blue sky overhead.

What to eat in Nuremberg

First off, this list is probably going to be a bit different to the one that you’ll see if you look up the best restaurants in Nuremberg on TripAdvisor, because I’m pretty much going to stick to German restaurants. There’s a few reasons for this.

Firstly, it’s just more fun to eat German food when you’re in Germany. I can get a pizza anywhere in the world; when you’ve made the effort to travel to Germany, it just makes sense to try the local specialities. So even though Nuremberg (or Nürnberg, if you want to be super German) has a vibrant international food scene, I’ve tried to list just the best German restaurants in town.

Secondly, German food is amazing!! Like Nuremberg itself, it’s most underrated: it’s cozy and comforting, filling and non-fussy. It basically appeals to everyone, and the local restaurants are conscientious in having vegetarian and vegan options in addition. Even if you’re a picky eater, you can’t go wrong with it.

Take a look at my awesome (even if I do say so myself) guide to traditional German food in Munich and Nuremberg!

Where to eat in Nuremberg

Gets excited, folks, because you’re about to find your favourite restaurant in Nuremberg! It could be any of the following, because I guarantee you’re going to love them.

How can I be so sure? Because I’ve personally tried all of the below. So I’m not only going to recommend the restaurants themselves, but a recommended dish in each, too.

Let’s check out the very best restaurants in Nuremberg!

The Hausbrauerei Altstadthof in Nuremberg, with wooden interiors. It is not only one of the best restaurants in Nuremberg, but the best brewery!

Hausbrauerei Altstadhof

This was the first place I went to after I arrived in the city – yup, even before the castle or town square, because that’s how I roll. And I was not disappointed!

Located in the altstadt (old town), just around the corner from the Albrecht Dürer museum, this wonderful place was founded in 1386, and I quite suspect that it’s been awesome ever since. It’s best known for the cellars underneath the building, which have been hacked out of the local stone in order for the beer to properly ripen – you can even take a tour of them if you fancy. It’s the local legendary beerhouse: it brews its own organic beers and whiskies, and my boyfriend tells me that the “rot beer” (red beer) is simply the nicest pint he’s ever had.

Happily, the food is up to the same standard! The menu isn’t huge, but everything on there is a winner. It’s all good, hearty stuff, perfect as a winter warmer – and if you’re visiting around Christmas, there’s even a winter spiced beer you can try alongside your meal!

The restaurant area inside isn’t huge, so you may want to make a reservation to be on the safe side. Otherwise, you can be German about it, and share a table with strangers – which I highly approve of. Everyone’s friendly, and it’s a good way of meeting the locals. There is a large courtyard for al fresco dining, where you’ll almost certainly be sharing!

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Check out the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof menu – my recommendation here is the schäufele, a delicious and perfectly-crisped shoulder of pork.

The Burgwachter, one of the best restaurants in Nuremberg. The walls of Nuremberg Castle are visible above it.


If you’re like me, you travel to new places with a distinct urge to do two things. One: see loads of local history and culture. Two: eat loads of local food.

Hurrah for the Burgwächter, Nuremberg, which combines both! If you’ve already been up to Nuremberg Castle, you’ll quite possibly have seen the restaurant already – remember looking over the wall at the town below? Remember that restaurant which literally hugs the castle walls, so close that you could literally look down and see what people were eating?

That’s the one! Burgwächter means “town watchman”, and you probably won’t find a cozier, friendly place anywhere in town – and if you do, it certainly can’t be any closer to the city’s historic castle. It’s a perfect stop if you’ve been exploring the site, and want to carry on the history theme.

There’s a good amount of room indoors, but don’t be put off sitting outside if it’s a little chilly – I visited in winter, and the very lovely owner simply popped on an overhead heater, and made sure we had fluffy blankets to sit on. I was so cozy that I was actually taking layers off!

Food is excellent across the board! I recommend the sauerbraten – beef which has been soaked in red wine, leaving it rather delightfully tender and boozy, whilst my boyfriend was adamant that the pork knuckle there was the best he’s had.

Take a look at the Burgwächter menu, and pick your meal in advance!

Restauration Kopernikus, home of the city's biggest pork schnitzel!

Restauration Kopernikus

Okay, for the next two restaurants, I’m not giving you an option – you HAVE to try the recommendations! Otherwise you’ll be leaving Nuremberg with a feeling of distinct, and acute, sadness. Don’t leave yourself open to that FOMO, guys.

Restauration Kopernikus is a Polish restaurant – it actually shares a building with the Krakow House cultural centre – and is situated on an island in the middle of the Pegnitz River. The inside is classy and modern, and the staff are super-friendly (shout out to the Irish guy who works there, who chatted with us for ages because we were the first ones in!). But the main attraction is the food, and you are not going to be disappointed!

I don’t shout often, but OMG PEOPLE, YOU HAVE TO TRY THE SCHNITZEL. I count myself as something of a schnitzel connoisseur – it’s my favourite choice from any German menu you care to mention – and this was genuinely the best one I’ve ever tasted. Holy cow. I’m getting fuzzy feelings from just thinking about it. It’s peppered to perfection, and the breadcrumbs and pork just melt in the mouth.

Oh, and did I mention that said schnitzel is absolutely effing huge? Because it was; I’m talking seriously massive – there was no room left on my plate whatsoever, and I needed two lemon segments just to season it all. If that sounds impossibly gargantuan, rest assured that they’ll box up leftovers for you!

This was the best dish I had on the entire trip. Check out the Restauration Kopernikus menu, and try it, try it!

Zum Gulden Stern, Nuremberg's most historic sausage kitchen. It is regarded as one of the best places to eat in Nuremberg.

Zum Gulden Stern

“Zum Gulden Stern” means “The Golden Star”, and it certainly gets a gold star from me! (was that cheesy enough? Cool.)

It bills itself as the oldest restaurant in Nuremberg, and given that it was built in 1380, yup, can’t really argue with that. It’s situated in a nest of cosy streets (only slightly spoiled by the multi-story car park opposite), that’ll have you conjuring up medieval Nuremberg in your mind.

The restaurant itself is like something out of an old painting. The ceilings are low, the floorboards gnarled and irregular, and locals sit together on bench tables, eating from pewter platters. Beer flows, and there’s a roaring fire in the kitchen, cooking food over the flames. Come here in winter, and it’ll be almost heartbreakingly snug and wonderful.

But what of the food? Well, given that Zum Gulden Stern is known as “the historic bratwurst kitchen”, it’ll come as news to no-one that the sausages are freakin’ amazing. Nuremberg sausages are in a class of their own, especially in their hometown – there’s local laws to ensure that they’re up to a certain standard. You can therefore guarantee that the sausages here are the best in the world. You can really taste the fresh pork, and herbs and spices like mace, marjoram and rosemary coming through. Being served on a platter just makes it all the more authentic.

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Have a look at the Zum Gulden Stern menu, but trust me on this one – go for the sausages. It doesn’t matter if you have 6, 8, 10 or 12; you’ll savor every bite!

The interior of Barfusser, one of the best places to eat in Nuremberg. The cellar is decorated with pub signs and many chairs and tables.


The Barfüßer is located in the cellar of what used to be the city’s granary – perfect place for a beer hall then, right?

Well, not exactly, because the beer hall itself actually wasn’t built until rather later, but it certainly makes use of the ample medieval cellar it’s located in! It’s a perfect place to stop for anyone taking a day trip to Nuremberg from Munich, as it’s located right about center between the main railway station and the main town square. You certainly won’t get many better opportunities to experience a proper German beer hall.

The place is filled with tables (as well as a curious amount of British pub memorabilia), and it may well remind you of an underground version of the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. Much like that noble institution, Barfüßer brew all of their own beer in huge copper vats, ensuring that it’s as fresh and sparkly as it gets.

Food might not be quite as high a standard as our previous choices, but that’s kind of to be expected – this is a beer hall rather than a specialist restaurant. But that does mean that you’ll get good, hearty pub fare, and plenty of it! Plus the atmosphere, and chatting to the locals you’ll be sharing a table with, elevates the whole experience to something rather special.

Have a look at the Barfüßer menu, but I recommend the roast pork here – it’s cracking with a few beers!

A cat named Peter at the Katzentempel Nurnberg. The cafe is one of the best places to eat in Nuremberg for vegetarians and vegans.

Katzentempel Nürnburg

Do you like cats? Do you liked tasty, organic veggie and vegan food? If so, you’re in luck!

Being a cat worshipper myself, and as I always miss my beloved mog when I’m away from home, cat cafes are ideal for catching up on cuddles. Unlike some animal cafes, which I have a problem with (otters and hedgehogs shouldn’t be in cafes, guys), cats are actually pretty well suited to the life. They’ll only have interaction with you if they want it – indeed, you’re given a strict list of rules on how to interact with the kitties, ensuring that everything’s on their terms, and they have their own off-limits retreat room. If your feline overlord doesn’t want pets today, you’ll be treated as if you don’t exist.

There’s a few Katzentempels dotted around Germany, and the Nuremberg branch is as high a standard as any. It’s spotlessly clean, with plenty of places for the kitties to hang out and generally lord over you, including some nice high platforms. My particular favourite was Peter, who likes to hang out in the window and watch the taunting sparrows hopping about on the pavement outside.

Food is as excellent as you’d expect from somewhere that specialises in organic food! There’s a range of healthy breakfasts for those who may have over-indulged in the local beer the night before, as well as a good selection of veggie burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Take a look at the Katzentempel Nürnburg menu and pick your ideal lunch – I couldn’t look past the extremely tasty chia seed burger!

The Bratwursthausle bei St Sebald in Nuremberg, one of Nuremberg's best restaurants. The restaurant in in the shadow of the church.

Bratwursthäusle bei St. Sebald

Let’s take a look at the name of this place. Hmm, I wonder what they’re famous for?

When you first arrive in Nuremberg, you’ll probably make a beeline towards the center of town, with its awesome market square and church towers. You’ll undoubtedly wander towards the spires of St. Sebald’s Church (which is well worth a look inside, by the way), and as you do, you’ll get a whiff of smoke. But not nasty, acrid smoke – something woody; like every Christmas you ever spent at Grandpappy’s log cabin.

Well, that rather delicious scent is coming from the revered sausage kitchen of the Bratwursthäusle, which is quite literally nestled in the shadow of the church! Which must be really distracting for people doing churchy stuff in there, but oh well!

This is your prime Nuremberg experience, and it’s perfect for anyone taking a day trip to Nuremberg due to its central location. You can sit in the cosy interior, or sit outside on the veranda, munching the local speciality which has been cooked fresh over a wood fire. You’ll be served by men and women in lederhosen or dirndls, and can watch the people of the city going about their business. Or you can look over to the main square, and watch the daily market, or even the Christmas market if you’re visiting in winter. How perfect does that sound?

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It might look like some sort of temporary tourist trap, but this place actually has a long history, and is rightly regarded as one of the best restaurants in Nuremberg. Take a look at the Bratwursthäusle menu, but let’s be honest here – you’re going to have the sausages.

The Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg, one of the of the best places to get something to eat in Nuremberg. The square has many market stalls.


Okay, I know. Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt – the main market square – isn’t a restaurant. But it’s still one of the best places to grab a bit to eat!

Want to grab a good breakfast? There’s a crepe stand and a coffee bike stall right next to each other, serving delicious hot food and drink to get you going. Need a quick lunch? Stop by the sausage stall to get the famous “3 im Weckla” (3 in a bun), where you can have three Nuremberg sausages snuggled together in a white roll with sauerkraut and mustard.

Fancy a sweet snack, which is also a local speciality? You can purchase lebkuchen here – it’s the world-famous German gingerbread, and Nuremberg is where they’ve perfected the art. Or how about some street food from other parts of the world? The Hauptmarkt has you covered there too, with everything from Lebanese to Thai cooking.

Nuremberg’s market is an ideal place for grabbing some food on the go!

A platter of Nuremberg sausages in a heart-shaped pewter platter.

Bonus: Nuremberg hotels near the best restaurants!

I know how it is. You’ve done a full day’s sightseeing, scampering around everything that Nuremberg has to offer (and believe me, there’s a lot packed into this one town!). You just can’t be bothered to walk to one of these places to eat, even if they are the best restaurants in Nuremberg. You want something near your hotel, so that you can just roll straight into bed afterwards.

I got ya, boo. Luckily, when it comes to hotels, Nuremberg is pretty blessed with options. So I’ve tracked down some of Nuremberg’s best places to stay that are within a stone’s throw of these fine eateries!

Burghotel Stammhaus

Near to: Burgwächter, Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Bratwursthäusle

For the location, this converted townhouse represents some good value! Yes, the corridors may be a little small, but rooms are a good size, and it’s located on a quiet residential street. Best of all, it’s a walk of literally minutes away from Nuremberg Castle, and two of the best restaurants in Nuremberg! The Hauptmarkt is also just a couple of (very pretty) blocks away.

Hotel am Jakobsmarkt

Near to: Zum Gulden Stern, Barfüβer

Oh sorry, did I say this place was near Zum Gulden Stern, legendary sausage paradise? Because I meant to say that it’s right next door. For the ultimate in local dining, this place can’t be beat! Add that the hotel is located in a well-preserved part of town, with friendly staff and good wifi, plus excellent transport links thanks to being near to the main train station, you’ve got yourself a winner winner sausage dinner.

Hotel dasPaul

Near to: Restauration Kopernikus, Hauptmarkt, Katzentempel Nürnberg

Not so keen on the ye olde-looking hotels, and looking for something a bit more modern and swish? Hotel dasPaul is the one for you! It couldn’t be any closer to the city centre if it tried, and the hotel really strives to be perfect. Everything is spotlessly clean and modern (you even do a self-service check in), and a number of Nuremberg’s best places to eat are within easy walking distance. The Hauptmarkt and Katzentempel are a stone’s throw away, and Restauration Kopernikus can be reached via a short stroll along the riverbank. Perfect!

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I really hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to where to eat in Nuremberg, especially as it’s given me major stomach rumbles just writing it. And made me look up flights back there, I’ll happily admit. It’s worth it just for the food!

If you’ve enjoyed it, how about helping out someone with the same culinary quandaries, by giving it a share? You can use those handy social media buttons on the side, or even better, save the below images to Pinterest. That way, you’ll have a ready-made bookmark back to this article, ready for when you’re going dining in Nuremberg!


Looking for the best places to eat in Nuremberg? Get all the info with this guide to the best restaurants in Nuremberg! From sausages to schnitzel, get all the info on the best German food in the city. Whether you're visiting in winter for the Christmas markets, or just taking a photography trip, make the most of your Germany travel and get the best food in Nuremberg! #Nuremberg #food #restaurants #germany #hotels Looking for the best places to eat in Nuremberg? Get all the info with this guide to the best restaurants in Nuremberg! From sausages to schnitzel, get all the info on the best German food in the city. Whether you're visiting in winter for the Christmas markets, or just taking a photography trip, make the most of your Germany travel and get the best food in Nuremberg! #Nuremberg #food #restaurants #germany #hotels

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