things to do in capri italy - the ultimate guide

The Very Best Things To Do In Capri, Italy – The Ultimate Guide!

There’s sooooo many things to do in Capri, the most famous and glamorous of all the islands in Italy. The great news is that if you’ve got the advice of an experienced Capri lover, you can see them all!

If you’re a regular reader of this travel blog (and if you’re not, come and join us! You’re missing out on a lot of fun!), you’ll know that I’m a regular visitor to the Amalfi Coast. The place just has my heart: warm Mediterranean weather, sea breezes with a fresh, lemony perfume, and all the pizza I can handle. It’s become something of a second home, and somewhere that I’m passionate about exploring. I want to experience the local culture, and every authentic experience I can get my hands on.

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Capri – it’s pronounced CAP-ri, btw!

Although it’s a tiny hop from the Amalfi Coast proper, you simply can’t visit the area without making the short trip to Capri. In an area renowned for its beauty, Capri stands out above all others – it’s like looking at a tray of beautiful, priceless jewels, and just spotting that one that is absolutely flawless. Its foliage-covered cliffs rise up from a sapphire sea, and curve around until you’re welcomed into a gorgeous harbor, lights from the pastel-colored houses glittering in the dusky sky like diamonds. It’s a place which is as alluring and old-school glamorous, as it is friendly and welcoming.

You’ve found that experienced Capri lover – me. I want to help you plan the perfect trip. I’m going to let you into the secrets of this place, and give you the very best tips on how to appreciate it to its fullest, learnt from my five trips to the area. From boat tours to the mysterious Blue Grotto, to natural and unspoiled hiking trails that are free of tourists, it’s time to learn all of the best things to do in Capri, Italy!

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Houses on the island of Capri in Italy. There are many things to do here, for all ages!

When to visit Capri, and Capri weather

The ideal months to visit Capri are May and September. Both months benefit from temperatures that are beautifully warm without ever getting too hot and stifling, and rainy days are rare. But, if you visit in May, you’ll see Capri at its absolute best – the flowers are in full bloom, and seeing hordes of purple bougainvilleas climbing up white houses is worth the trip alone. Add the scent of lemon groves, warmed by gentle sunshine, and you really can’t do much better.Your average Capri day will be an extremely pleasant 24°C (75F); just right for loafing around on a boat in the Mediterranean, I think we can all agree.

If your travel plans are for another month, however, let’s have a quick look at how it’ll be for you!

Capri in winter

Visiting Capri in winter has advantages and disadvantages – it really just depends what kind of experience you’re after. If tourist attractions such as the Blue Grotto, and having a wide array of hotels to choose from floats your boat, then you may want to wait a couple of months. Most of the island’s tourist facilities and attractions close down for the winter, and hotels take the opportunity to get their properties shipshape for the coming season. However, this can be to your advantage! B&Bs increasingly stay open all year round, and rooms are at much more reasonable rates than in the summer. Restaurants which cater to the locals stay open, meaning that you’ll only find the most authentic places. No more having to fight for space with tourists!

Capri in spring

You can’t go wrong with visiting Capri in spring – it’s the island’s time to shine. Businesses reopen, hotels are freshly-painted and in full flow, and flowers bloom. It’s about as perfect as islands in the Med ever get! You’ll also experience a pleasing lack of rainy days, though they do randomly occur – evenings are still cool, too, so be sure to pack a few items that’ll keep you warm. Swimming in the sea can still be a bit chilly too, but on the bright side, it’s an ideal time to take advantage of Mother Nature and go for a hike. Greenery explodes all over the island, and with temperatures not being too oppressive, it’s a great time to see Capri’s natural side.

Capri in summer

Visiting Capri in summer means an increase in temperatures, glamorous visitors, and events… but that might not necessarily be a good thing. For a start, the island can get blisteringly hot in the height of summer; even the locals find it uncomfortably warm, despite the sea breezes. It’s the kind of heat in which you won’t feel particularly inclined to do much, which is fine as long as you don’t intend to move far away from the hotel pool. And the chances are that you won’t want to: this is Capri’s busiest season, and the streets of Capri Town are fairly rammed with visitors and daytrippers. Imagine all the people staying on Capri, plus day trips from Sorrento, Positano and Rome, plus large tour groups… you get the idea. If you’re visiting in summer, plan to keep cool, and work around the crowds.

Capri in fall/autumn

Once the oppressive summer heat falls away, visiting Capri in autumn becomes a much more comfortable experience! Temperatures return to something similar to those in spring, being pleasantly warm rather than scorching – you’re slightly more likely to have some rain, but September in particular is a fine month to visit. You won’t quite have the flower explosion of spring, but gardens are still fun to visit, and hiking trails become a wonderful idea again. Bear in mind that businesses start to close up again in late October.

Boats in the Marina in Capri. Visiting Capri means you'll arrive by boat into this harbor.

How to get to Capri

Capri’s very nature as an island means that it’s a little trickier to get to – trust me, I’ve seen people asking “how do I get to Capri by car?” on Google. Spoiler alert: you won’t be able to do that (and even if you could, cars are actually banned from coming to the island for the majority of year, due to Capri’s lack of roads. Fun fact!).

That rather whittles down your options to two: traveling to Capri by boat, or by air.

Getting to Capri by air

If you’re visiting Italy specially to head over to fair Capri island, the chances are that you’re going to want to fly in to somewhere nearby. Unless you want to double up your trip with a visit to Rome (you can catch a ferry to Capri from there), you’re going to want to arrive at Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP).

Naples is a rather fine airport; it’s been renovated fairly recently (there was a period of years when the arrivals hall was literally an aircraft hangar), but these days it’s pretty simple to navigate. It’s not gigantic, so you also won’t have the issue of having to go on a five-mile hike just to get out of it – hello, CDG in Paris! – and it holds all the facilities you’d expect.

Now, if you’re super fly, you can actually transfer to Capri by helicopter, which would definitely be an experience! For the rest of us mere mortals, however, you’re going to need to travel to Capri by boat.

Getting to Capri by boat

I’ve written two, ridiculously-detailed, step-by-step guides on getting from Naples to Capri, and getting from Sorrento to Capri, and you should definitely check those out. They contain exact details on getting from Naples airport to the harbor, and exactly where to buy your Capri tickets from, so I’m going to briefly go over it here!

Basically, when you go down to the harbor at Naples or Sorrento, you’ll purchase a boat ticket which will have a boat company name, and a time printed on it. In both harbors, I’ve found that this doesn’t actually mean too much. If you’ve got a ticket for the 11.30 boat, but you’re there at 10.30 and they have room, all the boat companies seem pretty happy for you to jump on board their service – whether you have that company’s name on the ticket or not. It’s something of a case of organised chaos, but it seems to work out that you have a guaranteed place on the boat and time that is stated on your ticket. If you end up traveling earlier, then that’s fine too.

Wherever your departure point, you’ll arrive into the sweeping harbor of Marina Grande – have fun spotting the posh yachts! Also remember that unless you fancy a steep walk, you’ll need to buy a ticket for the funicular to take you to Capri Town; you can purchase this in the building just to your right as you leave the harbor.

The pool of the J.K. Place Capri hotel at twilight. This is a great base for exploring the many things to do in Capri

Photograph courtesy of J.K. Place Capri – definitely one of the best hotels in Capri!

The best Capri hotels!

If there’s one thing that Capri absolutely specializes in, it’s hotels! The island’s businesses have a knack of creating beautiful properties which reflect everything that’s great about Capri – hotels with views of immense natural beauty and landscapes, friendly service, and just the right splash of unfiltered luxury and glamour.

But that doesn’t mean that every hotel in Capri is mega-expensive – there’s actually a lot more reasonable choices than you may think! From budget hotels, to B&B accommodation, to Capri Airbnbs, there truly is something for everyone. I’ve collated personal experience, and tips from my friends/spies on the Amalfi Coast, to give you the ultimate list of where to stay on Capri!

Take a look at my list of the best Amalfi Coast hotels for all budgets, and my guide to Amalfi Coast Airbnb properties, and get even more choices for Capri and beyond!

Budget hotels

Relais Villa Anna: Look at all the facilities you’re getting in this clean, quiet guest house located in Anacapri. WiFi, air-conditioning, private bathrooms, sunny rooms and a fresh homemade breakfast every morning. Now take a look at the price per night. Yup, you really are reading that right: this place is AMAZING value! You don’t even have to worry about getting from Marina Grande to Anacapri, as there’s a shuttle available for your use. You can spend your days in glitzy Capri Town, before retiring back to Anacapri for the evening. Friendly and family-run, this place is a steal.

La Casa Nel Bosco: How would you like to live like a Capri resident for a while? Do you think you could handle being in a Capri guest house, which is spotlessly clean, chic, and allows you to wake up every morning to a view of the glittering Bay of Naples? Yup, I think you can handle that. This fantastic place is slap-bang in the middle of Capri Town, with all the sights and amenities practically on your doorstep. Even better? There’s a swimming pool and hot tub for you to relax in at the end of the day!

Capri Airbnbs

Faraglioni’s RoomHave you ever looked at pictures of luxury hotels, with their fancy infinity pools and solariums, and thought “I wish I could do that on my budget”? If so, this is the place for you!  For not much more than a budget hotel, you can grab a room with a Superhost property, which comes with a view you’ll never get bored of. Clean, comfortable, and providing a little bit of champagne chic on a prosecco budget.

La Perla BluMeaning “the blue pearl”, this place certainly lives up to its name. The blue part comes from the gorgeous decor, traditional ceramic tiling providing a cool, Mediterranean feel. The pearl part comes from its location in Capri Town, and the fact that you get an entire house to yourself! Time to live like a local! It’s not the cheapest, but if you’re traveling with a large group, this provides an excellent option.

Mid-range hotels

Capri Wine HotelYeah, I know you want to click on this one based on the name alone; I get ya. Feel free to, because this place is absolutely gorgeous! It’s the definition of a beautiful, fresh-feeling Capri hotel situated right in the middle of everything – and they’ll even come and pick you up from the harbor when you arrive. But what makes this place special is the personal touches: the hotel is run by a couple, and they make breakfasts each morning made from the ingredients they grow in their garden! You might get a balcony overlooking the sea, too!

Affittacamere Capri Dolce Vita: Did you know that it’s legally required for every town in Italy to have a guesthouse called Dolce Vita? Not really, I made that up – but this place certainly lives up to the billing! With a pickup service from the harbor, this lovely place does everything possible to make you feel at home. That even extends to the rooms, which are decorated in a way that’ll make you feel like you’re staying in the spare room of a beloved aunt, or a good friend. It’s clean, simple, cozy, and very welcoming. Don’t worry though: it’s got every hotel facility you could ever need!

Luxury hotels

Casa Morgano: Indulge me, for a moment. Take a look at this place, and just visualize yourself in that pool. Have you ever seen anything more perfect? Away from watery activities, this place just oozes class: the room are decorated in fresh shades of blue, guaranteed to reflect the sea views you’ll be getting from your balcony. The staff are warm and friendly, and nothing is too much trouble for them. The in-house restaurant has a sea view, and produces freshly-cooked meals made with locally-sourced ingredients. Quiet and private, Casa Morgano is affordable luxury!

J.K. Place CapriI’m super fond of the J.K. Place Capri, and with good reason – it’s without doubt the best hotel on Capri. Not only that, but it has a good claim to the title of best hotel in the world. Perfect if money is no object. Perfect as a Capri honeymoon hotel. Just… perfect. Everything at this beautiful property is designed to give you the best experience possible, from swimming in a pool with a view of the blue sea beyond, to a wellness center with a sauna, Turkish bath, and hot tub. Rooms are huge, and if they don’t contain everything you need (they will, though), the amazing staff will acquire it for you. Book the J.K. Place Capri, and experience true luxury.

Boat bob in the sea near the Faraglioni rocks. Taking a boat tour is one of the most popular things to do in Capri.

What to do in Capri: the very best things to do in Capri for a day, or longer!

Here we go – the definitive list of things to do in Capri! This is what you came here for, and trust me – if it’s not on this list, it’s not worth doing!

I’ve designed this list to be as flexible as possible, too – if you’re looking for a specific type of things to do, such as romantic vistas, fun activities, or indoor explorations, they’re all grouped together. But if you’re doing a day trip to Capri and are a little limited on time, there’s a section detailing some great things to do in Capri that you can easily squeeze into a few hours.

Whatever you like to do, I’ve got you covered! Unless you’re into firing yourself out of circus cannons – I don’t have that one; sorry. But I love ya for it!

Romantic things to do in Capri

Ahh, Capri. With so many scenic spots that are perfect for wedding photography, a carefully-planned proposal, or just a nice sloppy snog, it’s truly one of the most romantic spots in Italy. Not feeling romantic? No problem! Capri’s most romantic spots aren’t just for couples: they’re areas of outstanding natural beauty, meaning that they’re well worth visiting even if you just want to capture that gorgeous sunset shot for Instagram.

Giardini di Augusto, and the view of Via Krupp

The Giardini di Augusto is one of Capri’s top attractions – and with an entry fee of €1, it’s a bargain! Flower children can wander the gardens themselves, taking in the flora and fauna (the latter is mostly emerald-green lizards, usually being eyed by the local cats), but most people will head for the views of the Faraglioni rocks – more on those later! – and Via Krupp.

Via Krupp has an interesting history. It’s a path which leads down a cliff-face at the side of the gardens, switching back on itself to zigzag down to some impossibly blue seas. It’s ridiculously scenic, and it’s the backdrop for many a romantic photograph, but its been shrouded in intrigue and scandal since its beginning! Friedrich Alfred Krupp was a German industrialist, who was all like “I totally need a path that’ll take me from my hotel to my marine research vessel”. The locals thought this was fair enough, and built a path.

However, Krupp was also using it to take him to a secret cavern where he was getting far too acquainted with some good-looking Italian youths. He got found out and booted off Capri, with instructions not to return, but the name has remained. The path itself is almost permanently closed due to danger from falling rocks (I did get to walk down it a few years ago, but it’s been taped off ever since), but you can see this picturesque spot perfectly from the balcony at Giardini di Augusto!

The switchback path of Via Krupp, leading to the sea. Although closed to the public, this path is still one of the best things to do on Capri

The Arco Naturale (Natural Arch)

The Natural Arch is… a man-made square shape! Nah, just kidding; it’s an arch in the rock on Capri’s east coast, which has appeared via completely natural means.

Although no-one can be 100% sure (the rock formation has been in place since the Paleolithic age, after all), it’s commonly accepted that the arch came about due to there originally being a grotto in the rock.Erosion happened, the rock was weakened, and the majority of it collapsed into the sea, leaving just the top and sides. Natural arches in the rock has always fascinated humanity – look at sites such as Rainbow Bridge in Utah, or Durdle Door in the UK – but most of them are pretty delicate, fragile-looking things.

Not so much with the Arco Naturale! The arch is unapologetically solid, and looks more like some prehistoric megalith than a fragile arch. It’s absolutely perfect for photography, and if you can get here early enough or late enough, you’ll have it all to yourself. There’s no better place for simply stopping, and taking in the awesomeness of nature whilst holding hands with your loved one.

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The arch is nice and easy to reach, too! Start off in the Piazza Umberto I, right where you disembark from the funicular, and you’ll see signposts directing you towards the Arco Naturale. You’ll walk along a paved road for about twenty minutes, heading past a rather nice restaurant (feel free to stop here if you need a refresher!), before you reach the steps which take you to the arch. Bear in mind there’s a few flights, in case you have any mobility issues.

The Natural Arch in Capri, a large hole in the rock.

Punta Carena Lighthouse

What could be more romantic than a lighthouse? A beacon shining out, guiding loved ones back home. The symbolism alone is enough to book it a spot on your list of romantic things to do in Capri, but add the fact that Punta Carena Lighthouse is ridiculously pretty… well, it’s a must-visit.

Punta Carena is a rocky, dramatic spot at the south-west tip of Capri, and the lighthouse is very much needed and active. There’s a lot of hidden rocks in the water, and with the amount of boat tours and fishing in the area, it’d be foolish not to keep them protected. It’s also a much quieter area, and beloved of local Capri residents. There’s a small beach here which is just perfect for dips in the sea, and you’ll often find it being used by the resident Italians, away from the crowds. It also gets sunshine all day, thanks to its exposed position, making it a perfect spot for topping up your tan!

You’ll have to catch a couple of buses to get here, but that’s no disadvantage – the inexpensive, easy trip seems to put off the majority of visitors. All the better for having it to yourself! From the Marina Grande, buy a bus ticket from the ticket office (the same one as for the funicular), and hop on a service headed to Anacapri. It’ll drop you off at Anacapri’s main bus stop, where you’ll need to change on to another bus to Faro – ask the driver if you’re not sure; they’re generally helpful! From there, you’ll spot the lighthouse, and it’ll be a few minutes walk.

For a truly memorable visit, time it so that you arrive at the lighthouse at sunset (and you can use this handy timetable!) – it’s the best place in Capri for sunset views!

A red and white lighthouse on a cliff. A trip here is one of the best things to do in Capri for beach lovers.

Visit Marina Piccola

Sometimes, one of the most romantic things to do in Capri is just to head to the beach, and spend the day relaxing with your loved one, hand in hand. with a bottle of something bubbly embedded in the sand. Good news, my sun-loving friend, because Marina Piccola is one of the best beaches in Capri – and it couldn’t be simpler to get there!

Don’t get this place confused with the Marina Grande (“large marina”) which is where your boat arrived. This gorgeous beach is located over the other side of the island, and is considerably smaller – the name means “small marina”, aww. In case, bigger definitely isn’t better; Marina Piccola benefits from the same crystal blue seas you spotted from the Giardini di Augusto, as well as soft sand and breathtaking views of the Faraglioni rocks. This is definitely no average beach.

It’s also one of the best-visited beaches on Capri, thanks to it being so accessible from the center of Capri Town – just head down Via Mulo. It’s a good idea to get here early though, if you want a prime spot – the beach is partly taken up by private beach clubs such as La Canzone del Mar, where you’ll need to pay to use the facilities. The clubs are perfect for that romantic relaxation day, but if you’d rather do it on the cheap, there’s two free public beaches which fill up quickly. Nab that perfect spot!

The beach gets a little shadowy in the late afternoon, but it’s worth hanging around in one of the beachfront restaurants for sunset. This is another of Capri’s great sunset spots, and what better way to see it than with a good Italian meal and a glass of wine?

The beach clubs on the shore of Marina Piccola. Swimming here with a view of the Faraglioni is one of the best things to do in Capri.

Fun things to do in Capri

Yeah, romance is all well and good – but what about fun things? What about activities that’ll make you gasp, get you intrigued, get you zipping across the waves on a rather sexy little speedboat? They all sound pretty good, right?

Here’s where we enter another world, explore the coastline, travel back in time, and snoop at someone’s precariously perched house – and what’s more fun than that?

The Blue Grotto

Here is it, the star of the show! The Blue Grotto is undoubtedly one of the best-known things to do in Capri, and deservedly so. From the moment you lie back in your boat to enter this eerie cavern, you’ll be transported into another world, where everything is reflected in shades of blue and black. All you’ll be able to hear is the lapping of the waves, and a sound almost like singing…

Well, to be fair, the singing will probably be coming from your boat guide. And the mysterious light in this sea cave comes from the sunlight outside reflecting through a crevice, but apart from that it’s totally mysterious and unexplained, okay? It’s true though that it’s a magical experience – you’ll lie down on your back in a small rowboat in order to enter the cave through its tiny entrance (make sure that you do; there’s been injuries inflicted on the unwary). When you emerge, you’ll see that everything is bathed in a beautiful, blue light. The photos don’t lie; it really does look like that!

The Blue Grotto is one of Capri’s must-sees, and in order to see it, you’ll need to go on a tour. You can’t just stroll in – partly because it’s out at sea, after all – and you’ll need the expertise of the local boatmen in order to have a safe trip. The sides of the Marina Grande are fairly thronged with people offering tours, but you genuinely can’t do better than booking a tour in advance through Get Your Guide. They only work with experienced and reliable local guides (I’ve used them several times myself), and it’ll save you getting involved in the scrum for tickets on arrival.

Is the Blue Grotto a tourist sight? Yes. But it is fun, beautiful, and one of Capri’s essential sights? An emphatic yes!

The blue water and cavern walls of the Blue Grotto. Small boats sail inside.

Circumnavigate the island on a boat tour

The Blue Grotto isn’t the only boat tour you’ll want to do! Hopping aboard a vessel and doing a tour of Capri’s coast can be as exciting, or as relaxing, as you want it to be. And if those sparkling blue seas are just too tempting, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to take a dip!

There’s plenty of options available. There’s boar tours which include the Blue Grotto, and others which skip it (or at least make it optional, in case you’ve already done it). You can have a small, private trip around the coastline, or meet some new friends on a party boat. You can sail around in a traditional boat, or join the jet set and tear around in a speedboat. It’s even possible to rent your own boat, and take the wheel yourself!

Whichever option you take, it’s definitely a great way of seeing some of Capri’s hard-to-reach sights, as well as gaining a new insight into others. Imagine seeing the Punta Carena Lighthouse from the sea, or the Natural Arch. Even better, a lot of the tours take you to the lesser-known but undoubtedly beautiful White and Green Grottoes (yup, Capri is all good if you’re a grotto fan), or through the Arch of Love. This is a small arch in the base of one of the Faraglioni rocks – keep reading to see why they’re so special! – and despite the hokey name, it’s a really fun experience!

As with the Blue Grotto, the best place to buy a Capri boat tour ticket is Get Your Guide. It’s all done and paid for in advance, you can choose a trusted operator, and you’re guaranteed good value!

A view of the Faraglioni rock of Mezzo, and the Love Arch.

Villa Jovis

One of the best things about visiting Italy is that you’re surrounded by history – you can barely move for tripping over yet another piece of Roman masonry; gawd – and Capri is no exception. A short hike to Villa Jovis is one of the fun things to do in Capri, which also comes with a nice historical side salad!

You’re not the first one to fall in love with Capri. Far from it: the ancient Romans were totally hip to this place, and no less than two Emperors decided to make it home. First, and held in far better regard, was the Emperor Augustus. He treated it as a holiday destination, an escape from his duties back in Rome, before he’d return back to the city to do some work and be universally adored. However, following in his footsteps was his successor, Tiberius. Unpopular, gloomy, and apparently of the opinion that he himself shouldn’t be emperor, Tiberius used Capri as his hideout. He built a villa from which he could see any boats approaching Capri, moved in, and refused to go back to Rome.Given what tended to happen to unpopular emperors, this probably wasn’t an unwise move.

Roman historians tell us that Tiberius used to do unspeakable things there, including having any visitors who displeased him thrown over the cliffs… but to be honest, we don’t know if that’s true. Roman historians tend to be the equivalent of modern gossip columnists, and keen to talk up / talk down the appropriate people, depending on who was in charge at the time. It’s certainly true that Tiberius lived here for a good chunk of time, and when you visit, you’ll see why – the view is stunning!

To reach Villa Jovis, you’ll need to walk down a marked path from Piazza Umberto I. It’s not a tricky walk, but it’ll take about 40 minutes. Take a bottle of water and a hat, and enjoy the views!

Spotting Casa Malaparte

Onward to another villa! If you’re in the mood for a beautiful hike / amble through some Capri pine trees (worth it for the sensory experience alone), you’ve got to walk along Via del Pizzolungo. If you do, you’ll spot Capri’s most famous, and most precarious, residence.

The house is a distinctive, terracotta-colored rectangle (it looks somewhat like a discarded Lego block) which is perched on a tiny spit of land which is just about attached to the mainland of Capri. It genuinely looks as if a strong breeze will send it tumbling into the sea; it’s certainly in trouble when it comes to coastal erosion. The house is on private land owned by a foundation, but if you were to walk down to it, you’d have to risk the flight of steps, and a very nasty fall on either side. If you approach it by sea, you stand a good chance of being dashed on the rocks. Yep, it’s basically the most dangerous house on the island. Why on earth is does it even exist?

The clue is in the name. Casa Malaparte – also known as Villa Malaparte – was built for an Italian writer, film-maker and diplomat called Curzio Malaparte. He started out using his position as a writer to support Benito Mussolini and the National Fascist Party, before doing an abrupt u-turn and being heavily critical of Adolf Hitler in one of his books. Thrown out of the Fascist Party, he was put under house arrest – Casa Malaparte was built specifically to house him, which possibly explains its position on the edge of a cliff. He ended his life in Rome, having completed his u-turn, and being a staunch supporter of both Communism and the Catholic Church.

You can’t approach the house – and to be honest, given its position, you probably wouldn’t want to. But this bizarre house / prison, which clings to the ground for dear life, is well worth spotting!

The house Villa Malaparte on the edge of a cliff. Although not open to the public, spotting this house is a lot of fun!

Things to do in Capri when it’s raining

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your holiday when you’re visiting Capri! Don’t be one of those defeatists who sadly plod around a hotel room for the day – there’s plenty of indoor activities you can check out, and make the most of your travel time. These can be enjoyed rain or shine, but they’re definite heroes on a rare rainy day in Capri!

Shopping in Capri Town

Capri shopping is so legendary that it’s one of the major reasons that people visit the island. People come here just for the shops; it’s that freakin’ good. Have your credit card at the ready, and be prepared to do some serious damage!

As soon as you step off the funicular into Capri Town, you’re bombarded by shiny things which scream “buy me!”. The shops near the Piazzetta cater to jewelry lovers, with beautiful silver pieces and the gorgeous designs of Capri Watch for sale – seriously, they’re the most impressively blingy watches in the world! If you can find a wristwatch with more jewels encrusting it, whilst still remaining tasteful, I’ll be stunned!

Stroll though the Piazzetta, and you’ll be into the main shopping streets of Capri Town. This is where Capri shopping ups its game: designer stores leap out at you, demanding your attention (albeit is a classly, refined way). Gape at the bold fashions in Dolce & Gabbana, or be wowed by the French classiness of Chanel. Italian fashion is understandably well-represented with flagship stores of Miu Miu, Gucci, and Fendi, whilst French designers strike back with Dior and Louis Vuitton. It’s one of the best areas in the world to find designer duds, and to be able to buy them somewhere as beautiful and fashion-conscious as Capri is an extra treat.

Want to get some designer clothes, but not quite in the market for the top brands? Don’t worry – Capri is also served by my favourite Amalfi Coast designer! Antica Sartoria has some gorgeous designs – whilst a lot of them are in a higher price bracket, they often have a sale rack for budget shoppers which make them super-affordable. Plus, items such as their sandals, decorated with imitation coral, are very reasonably priced!

Want to discover what to buy in Capri, and the best souvenirs from the Amalfi Coast? Read my guide!


The charterhouse of Certosa di San Giacomo on Capri. This is one of the most historic Capri attractions.

La Certosa di San Giacomo

Did you know that Capri, famous for cavorting sun-seekers since the times of the ancient Romans, was also famous for its monks? Though it may seem a bit of a contradiction, it’s completely true – and they’re responsible for one of the island’s loveliest products!

If it’s raining during your stay on Capri, or if you just fancy taking in a bit more history (see, I warned you about all that Italian history, didn’t I?), you need to head along to the Certosa di San Giacomo. It’s the former charterhouse, beautifully well-preserved and evocative of earlier times, and an oasis of peace on what can be a busy island. White buildings, stones well-worn and loved, surround a central courtyard which is fringed by a covered walkway. You can almost hear the plop of sandals on the dusty stone beneath your feet.

The monks came to the island in 1371. Like everyone else who’s ever set foot on Capri, they were immediately entranced by the natural beauty of the place, and decided that it must’ve been one of God’s special sites. What better place to set up an institution for a bit of worship, and top up their tans at the same time! The charterhouse had an infamous visit by Joan of Anjou, which led to a happy accident (more on that later…), but it’s also well-known for its reaction to a plague. In 1656, the monks fastened the gates and refused to come out, as the island was being gripped by an illness which was ravaging the local population. The locals thought this was a bit off, as the monks were the ones supposed to be offering them comfort, so they launched plague-riddled corpses over the walls. Don’t piss off the Caprese, people.

These days, the charterhouse is happily corpse-free, and has become a cultural center, museum, and school. It’s located a short walk from Capri Town, and will cost you a mere €6 for a look around!

Buy some custom-made sandals

Did that mention of sandals earlier have you thinking “hmm, I need to get some new ones, so I can look utterly fabulous in Capri”? Well, hold your horses – you can get some super-special sandals in Capri, and watch a master craftsperson at work at the same time!

Capri is famous for its fashion, and sandals haven’t been forgotten by the island’s designers. Canfora are famous throughout the world as bespoke manufacturers of quality sandals – each pair is made by a master craftsman, in a family-run workshop which has been in place since 1946. The reputation of the place spread so quickly that Princess Margaret and Grace Kelly were among the store’s first customers, followed quickly by the ever fashion-conscious Jackie Kennedy. The design which was made for her proved so popular that it was recreated, and has been available ever since – the simple yet chic ‘K’ model.

Canfora is located in the designer mecca of Via Camerelle in Capri Town, and the prices are in accordance with its reputation. If that’s a bit out of your budget, don’t despair! You can still get your sandals made to measure, and you can even choose the type of leather and decoration! Head back down to Marina Grande, and locate Capri Pride – you can choose your custom sandals, and have a cup of coffee while you watch them being made!

Capri may cater to the rich and famous – but that doesn’t mean that it excludes those who aren’t!

A fresh caprese salad with tomatoes and mozzarella. This is one of the best things to eat in Capri!

Take a Capri cooking class

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If Capri gives you rain, make awesome food, and learn how to make it at home!

I’m going to share a little Italy secret with you, and that secret’s name is Cesarine. This is the name of a group of hand-picked Italian chefs (I know that this is totally making them sound like a secret society), who are specially selected for their in-depth knowledge of cooking with local products. If you impress a clandestine group of Italian cooks, then you know you’re pretty darn good at what you do. Once accepted into the Cesarine secret society group, they’re allowed to perform tours and share their knowledge with the eager hordes.

This cooking class is indeed run by one of those famed Cesarine hosts. You’ll be invited into the host’s own home (no sterile office kitchens here!), before you’re taken on a tour of the local markets and taught how to properly spot the best produce. Armful of ripe tomatoes in hand – and trust me, the tomatoes in the Amalfi Coast region are pretty spectacular – you’ll head back to the kitchen to learn how to make a freshly-cooked meal. You won’t be just making some random pasta dish either; you’ll learn how to make a three-course dinner, so you can throw your own fancy dinner parties back home. Plus, there’ll be some wine flowing whilst you’re cooking, because cooking without wine is just an empty, hollow experience.

This is another experience you can book through Get Your Guide, making it a fantastic day which will have long-lasting benefits, and one you can book with just a couple of clicks! Perfect!

A view of Positano's beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. A day trip from Positano to Capri or Capri to Positano is a great thing to do!

Take a boat to Sorrento or Positano

Guys, the Amalfi Coast has a reputation for beauty which is completely possible to deny. Not that anyone would even try, because the whole area is gorgeous enough to bring a tear to eye of the most flinty-hearted soul. So even though it might sound weird, one of the best things to do in Capri is to go on day trips to Sorrento and Positano!

I get ya: it’s more ideal to see such beautiful towns when it’s sunny – and hopefully you won’t get any rainy days in Capri anyway. But if you do get one, catching the boat and heading of a day tour of Sorrento or Positano really isn’t a bad way of using your time. Both towns are great for doing a spot of shopping (Positano prices are comparable to Capri; Sorrento tends to be cheaper), and are downright atmospheric in a spot of rain. Both towns also have plenty of cafes and restaurants, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get out of the wet, and put your feet up! Boats to Sorrento and Positano leave regularly from Marina Grande.

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Positano is the undoubted star of the stretch of Amalfi Coast on the Bay of Salerno, on the other side of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Capri’s cool cousin, Positano is another fashion capital – and it revels in that reputation. With trendy celebrity hangouts like Chez Black and Music On The Rocks, plus famed luxury hotels such as Le Sirenuse, it’s a glittering rival to Capri. If you just fancy a day out, however, it’s a lovely place to stroll! The town fairly cascades houses down a cliffside as if they’ve been poured from the top, resulting in narrow alleyways for you to wander and explore. Shop for the latest Positano fashion, or simply stock up on lemon-scented souvenirs – the area is know for them!

Want a guide to Positano that’s as in-depth as this one? Take a look at my ultimate guide to things to do in Positano!

Sorrento may be less glam, but it’s absolutely filled with an easy-going, friendly charm which makes it a pleasure to visit. The main attraction is the cobweb of narrow shopping streets (which date back to Roman times), in which you can find a massive variety of goods. Everything from hand-made jewelry to fresh fruit, wooden toys and linen can be found, but the town’s most famous products are inlaid wooden boxes and limoncello. You’ll find these everywhere, and finding workshops making either product are fun to discover!

Take a peek at this super-detailed guide to things to do in Sorrento!

What to do in Capri for a few hours

The majority of Capri’s visitors, which can seem a pretty huge number on a warm, sunny day, don’t stay on the island. You can never go wrong with a day trip to Capri, whether you’re staying in Naples or Rome, Sorrento or Positano, but making the most of one day there can be tricky. What do you prioritize? What if you’re really limited for time? How do you get away from all those crowds for a freakin’ minute?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

The Faraglioni rocks

There are two things which symbolise Capri to the Italians. One is the color blue – this is the home of the Blue Grotto, after all. The other is the Faraglioni rock formations.

Yup, these are some pretty special rocks, y’all. For a start, they’re a bit of a quirk of nature. They’re three 100-metre tall rocks which have detached from the land and drifted out into the sea, with the exception of one, which has managed to cling to the mainland. They’re called Stella, Mezzo, and Scopolo, and they’re all famous for different things. Stella is the one still attached the mainland by a narrow strip of land. Mezzo, on the other hand, is the best-known – this is the rock with the infamous and cheesily-named Arch of Love. Supposedly, if you kiss your loved one as you pass through the arch, you’ll be happy forever. Quite a claim, and sadly not one that’s legally binding.

My favorite, however, is Scopolo. Not just because it’s the furthest out – the name faraglioni means “lighthouses”, which seems particularly apt for this lone sentinel – or because it’s beautifully craggy and stark against the blue sea. Nope, the main reason is because it’s home to a small blue lizard. In fact, it’s the only home to said lizard; it’s found nowhere else in the world. Isn’t that kind of awesome?

But where to get the best views of the Faraglioni? There’s a fantastic view from the Giardini di Augusto (making our first entry on this list of things to do in Capri doubly a bargain, as the view in the other direction is just as fab!), or there’s a viewpoint at the end of Via Tragara, right outside the Hotel Punta Tragara. This spot is particularly popular, meaning that you might have to wait to get the full view (it’s a favorite haunt of Instagrammers), but here’s another little Capri secret! Pop down the staircase at the side of the Hotel Punta Tragara, and you’ll be at the end of the Via del Pizzolungo hiking trail. Go just a short distance down the trail, and you’ll find a viewing platform for the Faraglioni which is usually deserted!

A view of the Faraglioni rocks with purple wildflowers in the foreground. These rocks are a Capri must-see, and high on the list of things to see in Capri

Have the best ice cream of your life at Buonocore Gelateria

You can’t go to Italy and not eat ice cream. Partly because it’s called gelato over here, and partly because not eating it would be a severe crime against humanity, punishable by being tied to a chair and having to listen to Let It Go on repeat. You owe it to yourself to eat as much gelato as possible on your trip!

If you’re going to sample gelato, you may as well try the best – and Buonocore Gelateria really is something a bit special. You’ll smell this small store on Via Vittorio Emmanuele before you see it; a lovely, golden scent of freshly-cooked waffle drifts down the street as you walk towards it from the Piazzetta. You’ll also spot the queue before you see the shop – but don’t lose heart, my sweet! It’s well worth the wait, as Buonocore’s gelatos and sorbets are freshly made with the best ingredients, and it really shows. My particular favorite is crema, a flavor which looks like vanilla, but has a much richer, milky taste. If you want to go local, get a lemon sorbet – Capri has plenty of lemon groves!

Not in the mood for something sweet? Not a problem: Buonocore caters for ice cream haters by also providing a wide range of pastries, quiches, and cakes. You’ve got to try the tiny lemon cakes – as with the sorbet, they’re made from the local produce, and it’s the best lemon flavor you’ll ever taste in your life!

This isn’t just ice cream – this is the best gelato in Capri. It’s a must-try!

An ice cream kiosk in Capri, selling gelato and lemons.

Buy the perfect Capri souvenir: perfume at Carthusia

What’s the perfect souvenir? Something you can look at, and remember a place? Or a dress you can wear, and remember the shop in which you bought it? How about something you can smell – the most evocative scent of all – and feel like you’ve suddenly been transported back to your vacation in Capri? Oh, and you can wear it and carry it around with you? Perfect!

Remember those monks at the Certosa di San Giacomo? The ones who had plague victims catapulted over their walls? Yeah, those guys. One day back in 1380, they had a visit from Queen Joan of Anjou, who was something of a character – she was immensely powerful and ruled huge swathes of land with no problems whatsoever, which was quite terrifying for less gender-enlightened people of the time. You really didn’t want to be on her bad side, so the monks scattered out into the countryside and gathered huge amounts of local flowers, which they put in vases in her rooms. When she was gone, they took a sniff of the flower-infused water – and lo, a perfume was born!

Cathusia perfume has been around pretty much ever since, and is still making perfumes inspired by the scents of Capri. Fiori Di Capri is the original fragrance, as floral as the name would suggest – you’ll feel like you’re in a garden, with notes of lily of the valley and wild carnation. Mediterraneo is my particular favorite, and is a citrus delight; it smells exactly like sunshine hitting leaves in a lemon grove. If you want to evoke the blue Capri seas when you get home, go for Corallium, whilst Via Camerelle brings back memories of the island’s glitziest street, bathed in sunshine.

There’s a few small Cathusia stores dotted around the island, but go to the bigger branch on Via Matteotti for a fantastic selection in a great location!

A bottle of carthusia mediterraneo perfume capri

People-watching at Piazza Umberto I

People-watching is totally one of life’s guilty pleasures (like microwaving leftover pizza, and watching cheesy boy band videos from your youth on YouTube). There’s no finer place to people-watch in Capri than Piazza Umberto I.

This adorable square in Capri Town, also known as the Piazzetta, is fairly thronged with chairs along its sides thanks to the ubiquitous Italian pavement cafes. It’s also the main area in which people arrive in Capri Town, thanks to its proximity to the funicular from Marina Grande. So grab a prime seat in the cafe, order yourself an Aperol Spritz, and sit back and enjoy the show!

You’ll find that there’s several types of people coming through the square, and it’s fun to spot them all. First, we have the independent travelers, who’ve just arrived and are usually armed with a backpack and camera. Second are the tour groups, who will mass around a car aerial with a scarf tied around it, usually being raised by a tour guide who is at least a foot shorter than her group (seriously, why are tour guides always tiny?). Third are the Instagrammers, who usually have a floaty dress in either bold colors or pretty pastels, and a photographer boyfriend in tow. Fourth are the people who’ve come dressed for the occasion – they’ve never been to Capri before, but they’re determined to dress in old school glamour and convince you that they’re a regular. Fifth are the people who actually are rich and famous – they’ll be the ones dressed in a slobby cap, sunglasses, and t-shirt. Sixth are the locals, who try to walk through the crowds as quickly as possible.

People-watching here costs the price of a couple of drinks, and can keep you entertained for hours!

The Piazzetta of Piazza Umberto I in Capri. This is a great spot for people watching and spotting celebrities in Capri.

Hiking along Via del Pizzolungo

Yes, the glitter and glamour of Capri is fun, attractive, and seductive. But a lot of people overlook that there’s so many things to do in Capri which explore the island’s tremendous natural beauty, getting you away from all those pesky crowds for a bit. It’s like taking a refreshing bath.

My favorite of the Capri hiking trails is the Via del Pizzolungo. There’s actually two different ways to start it, depending on how much you like flights of steps, but if you’d rather be walking down them rather than up them, you need to take a walk along to the Natural Arch. Remember that restaurant I mentioned when we were talking about visiting the Natural Arch? It’s called Le Grottelle, and you’ll notice that at its side, there’s a flight of steps leading downwards. Head down these, and you’ll be on the Via del Pizzolungo.

Your first stop will be the Grotta di Matermania. Although it might just look like some random abandoned masonry in a cave, it’s much, much more than that! This is actually the remains of a Roman nymphaeum – a shrine where the ancient Romans came to worship the local water spirits. With a view overlooking the sea, you can see why they chose it! Spend a few minutes exploring the remains, before continuing on the path; keep an eye out though, as you’ll soon be able to spot Villa Malaparte on its tiny spit of land. The hike then takes you though a lovely pine forest, where lizards dart around by your feet, scampering over dropped pine needles. This is such a lovely spot to stop and take a break: when I was here, it was just me and a local walking his dog. It’s a beautiful, quiet spot!

Carry on down the path, and you end up at Belvedere Tragara, the viewpoint overlooking the Faraglioni. This is much less known than the viewpoint at the Hotel Punta Tragara, and it’s the perfect spot for getting photographs of the rocks! A short flight of steps, and you’ll be back on Via Tragara – follow this to head back to Capri Town!

A view of the Sorrentine peninsula, taken from the Via del Pizzolungo.

Things to do in Anacapri

Capri attractions tend to be in bustling Capri Town – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to see in the second town of Anacapri! If you make the short journey here, you’ll be able to have experiences that’ll rank right at the top of your whole vacation. After all, how often do you get to ascend a mountain?

Let’s take a look at all the things to do in Anacapri!

Take a bus to Anacapri

Getting to Anacapri is an experience in itself – trust me. Though it might seem a little nerve-wracking at first, it’s well worth it!

The bus to Anacapri is conveniently positioned right next the ferry terminal at Marina Grande; queue up at the ticket office, and purchase a return. The buses are pretty frequent, and nearly always on time – there’s not too many roads on Capri, and very little traffic, so they tend to avoid holdups! Now comes the fun part… if you’re not good with heights, you might want to sit on the left-hand side of the bus. If you’ve been standing long at Marina Grande, you might’ve noticed that road cut right into the cliff-face. You’re going on that, basically. Don’t worry; it’s completely safe and has a good, solid railing – it can just make you feel a little queasy if you’re not good with heights. Great if you like a view, though!

Once you get to Anacapri, you’ll find that it’s just a lovely spot to wander and explore. Much more low-key than Capri Town, it’s a peaceful alternative, and it’s good to see a slice of authentic local life rather than the glamour spots, which can get a wee bit too busy in peak season. You’re more likely to see locals out shopping or walking the dog, or kids playing football in the street. It’s also not a bad place to do a spot of souvenir shopping; although you’re not quite as spoiled for choice, there’s still a good range of goods on offer for a much more reasonable price.

Anacapri has some of Capri’s best sights, but the town itself shouldn’t be missed!

A street in Anacapri, decorated with flower boxes and hedges. Anacapri is smaller and quieter than Capri Town.

The Phoenician Steps

Not keen on the idea of taking the bus to Anacapri? How about walking it, and getting some fabulous views of the island at the same time?

The Phoenician Steps can be reached by walking along the road from the Marina Grande, and you’d better be in good shape if you want to tackle them – there’s 921 steps curving into the cliff! If actually takes you just underneath the more modern road which gives bus passengers access to Anacapri… but once upon a time, this was the only way of reaching the town. Yup, really. Until 1874, the residents of Anacapri had to use these steps to not only reach their homes, but to get fresh water. There was no well in Anacapri, but there was one by Marina Grande, so residents had to carry their water up those 921 steep, steep steps. Life can be very unfair, right?

The one benefit is that you can stop at any time, turn, and get wonderful views of Capri – it really is a photographer’s dream, with the white houses of the island contrasting with the blue sea.And not that it’s much consolation when you’re gasping up the steps, but you’re also following in some seriously historical footsteps. These steps were originally hewn out of the rock by the ancient Greeks, who were chillin’ in this part of the world before even the Romans (Naples was a Greek settlement – the name comes from their “Neapolis”, or “new town”). Quite where the steps acquired the name of Phoenician Steps is unknown, because it’s highly unlikely that the Phoenicians had anything to do with them.

If you’re active and don’t mind some work in exchange for some wonderful views, these steps are a winner!

The steps of the Phoenician Steps leading from Marina Grande on Capri to Anacapri. If you want to know what to do in Capri and like fitness, try this!

Villa San Michele

Made it up the Phoenician Steps? If so, you’ll realise that there’s a rather wonderful house with panoramic views right at the top. Don’t worry, you can get here by bus, too!

Villa San Michele was built and owned by the Swedish physicist and author Axel Munthe, and he picked a fabulous spot. It’s worth visiting for the views alone (if you’re looking for the best Instagram spots in Capri, this’ll be the one) – a floral terrace, bathed in sunlight, overlooks the Marina Grande. Boats whiz through crystal blue seas, and you can see the whole of the lower part of Capri, as well as across the sea all the way to the Sorrentine Peninsula and Mount Vesuvius. It’s truly breathtaking; quite possibly the most beautiful place in Capri.

The house is now a museum, and both the interior and exterior are liberally decorated with some of Munthe’s collections. You’ll suddenly turn a corner, and find an unexpected stone sphinx sitting there; he was heavily interested in acquiring Egyptian and Roman antiquities. This had the rather welcome side effect of keeping them perfectly preserved and in good hands, rather than sold to the treasure hunters of the time. The items also did well to survive the tenancy of Luisa Casati, who was one of the richest, and most scandalous, women in Italy in the early 1900s; She kept pet cheetahs and used live snakes as accessories, to the constant despair of the animal-loving Munthe.

Come here for the views, and fall in love with the place. And imagine a couple of pet cheetahs running around.

The gardens of the Villa San Michele in Anacapri, Capri. This villa has one of the best views in Capri, and is one of the most Instagrammable places in Capri.

A chairlift up Monte Solaro

Here we are; the last on our list of things to do in Capri. But I’ve saved one of the very best for last, with an experience that’ll make you fall even more head over heels in love with Capri!

Monte Solaro is that big ol’ mountain right in the middle of Capri – you really can’t miss it, because essentially the whole island is nestling on its slopes. If you head to Anacapri, however, you’ll be able to take in the peak of the mountain, and all of the stunning views that comes with it, without even breaking a sweat. You’re on vacation, after all! Simply get off at Anacapri’s bus stop, and you’ll see signs directing you towards the Monte Solaro chairlift (or “seggiovia” in Italian). Pay 12 euros, and in no time you’ll be relaxing on a chairlift, heading up to the summit. You don’t even need to worry too much if you’re scared of heights; it stays pretty close to the ground throughout.

But the main draw of Monte Solaro is the view. After a short walk, you’ll be on the terrace at the top – and what a view! The best vista is in the direction of the Faraglioni – yep, Capri’s ever-photogenic rock formations steal the show here too, and you’ll be able to see all of the coastline around them in stunning detail, as well as over to Sorrento. Check another direction, and you’ll be confronted by a seemingly endless blue sea (the authorities have kindly put a bench in front of it; perfect for Instagrammers!).

It really is a perfect, stunning viewpoint, and it’s bound to be one of the highlights of your entire trip! No pun intended, heh.

Taking a chairlift up Monte Solaro in Capri is one of the best things to do in Capri guide. A statue and the Faraglioni are visible.

Capri nightlife

You’ve done all the things to do in Capri, and you’re feeling like an honorary islander! You’re buzzing with pride, and totally in love with your new second home. But, you wonder, what are the best things to do in Capri at night?

Dancing the night away and responsibly enjoying some alcoholic beverages, of course!

An island like Capri, known as an international hotspot and celeb haunt, is accordingly going to have some pretty awesome nightlife. And so it proves, with a number of places where you can get down and boogie. Capri Town is predictably the center of all things big and exciting, with clubs such as VV Club Capri and Number Two Club leading the way when it comes to bright and attractive young people shaking their thang. If that’s a little too high-speed for you, there’s plenty of other places providing live entertainment. Taverna Anema e Core (the name means “spirit and heart”) is a music club featuring Italian musicians, whilst La Capannina provides a high-class wine bar.

Over in Anacapri, you can expect things to be a little more sedate -the Nautilus Caffe is the pick of the local bars.

A black cat sits on a wall in Capri, Italy.

Virtual walking tour of Capri

I don’t know about you, but I love to take virtual walking tours of places – you can take in the sights and ambiance before you even leave home, take notes on which areas look particularly nice, see how people are dressed. Plus, coo at cute doggos getting walked, blissfully unaware that they’re being transmitted into someone’s computer in another country.

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But how do you locate these fabled walking tours? Simple: YouTube!

The Amalfi Coast region is lucky that is has the amazing ProWalks YouTube channel. Not only do they walk around all the major sights, giving you a sneak preview of what to expect, they also put historical and cultural notes up on screen for you to read as you watch. You can then visit with your friends or relatives and already have a full grasp of the facts, impressing them with your superior knowledge. Of course you’re an expert in classical Italian history!

Here’s the first of the videos – I’ll link to the others below, and you’ll be able to see all the places I’ve told you about in glorious technicolor motion!

Click these links for Capri Town and the Piazzetta, Belvedere Tragara, Pizzolungo and the Natural Arch, the Faraglioni, Giardini di Augusto and the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, Via Tiberio, Villa Jovis, Anacapri, Villa San Michele, the Phoenician Steps, Monte Solaro, and the Valley of Cetrella.

That should keep you busy!

Getting around Capri, and Capri public transport

Although Capri isn’t exactly blessed with public transport options (no high-speed metro systems, you won’t be surprised to hear), you certainly won’t find yourself unable to get to anywhere your heart desires. If you’re relatively fit and healthy, you’ll probably find that the most you’ll need to do is take a bus from Marina Grande to Anacapri; it’s easy enough to walk to all of the island’s sights from either of Capri’s main towns. Plus you get to savor the views more!

But if you’re a little less mobile, or if you just want to sit back and relax (you’re on vacation!), let’s have a look at your options.


The island’s main bus stop is conveniently located right next to Marina Grande – if you’re looking to spend a few days in Anacapri and you’ve got heavy luggage, you literally won’t have to pull it more than about 100 meters. Purchase tickets from the multi-purpose ticket office next to the Marina, and prepare yourself for a short wait. The buses on Capri run on a somewhat more relaxed schedule – as I mentioned above, there’s not much traffic on the island, and so the buses don’t get too held up. As a result, there’s no set timetable; they just arrive when they turn up, and depart when they’re ready, but there’s never too much of a wait between buses.

Bear in mind that the buses do get a little busy in peak season, and you may have to stand. The journey time to Anacapri is only about ten minutes, however, so you’re not going to be standing for long!

Funicular to Capri Town

When you disembark from your boat to Capri, arriving for the first time all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, you may well see the funicular station and head straight for it. You want to be straight up to Capri Town and luxuriating all that glamour, right?


The funicular station is a lie, just like cake. Well marked and easy to spot, it’s instinctive to go straight to the funicular station… but you’ll soon have to come to a halt, as you realize that there’s a ticket barrier barring your way. Yup, the funicular station houses the funicular, but it doesn’t sell tickets there! Luckily, you don’t have to go far: turn yourself around, and spot the multi-purpose ticket office at the side of the marina (it’s marked as “Biglietterie – Ticket Points”). Queue up, ask for a funicular ticket and pay a small fee, and you’ll be all set.

When the funicular starts boarding, don’t feel like you need to join the scrum to get to the front of the train – you actually get better views from the back!


This is Capri. If you can’t have a glamorous taxi ride in Capri, where can you?

Our favorite Italian island doesn’t disappoint! Unlike the rest of the world, where a taxi ride involves sitting in crumbs and discarded cans of Red Bull, Capri taxis are both immaculate and jaw-dropping. Yes, this is your opportunity to take a ride in a convertible taxi. You can totally live la dolce vita, and sit back whilst your driver whizzes you around the island, a gentle breeze whipping at your hair. What could be any more Capri than that?

If you want to experience the ultimate taxi ride, pick one up from their parking area right next to Marina Grande!

A bus to Anacapri in Capri, allowing passengers to disembark.

Restaurants in Capri, and where to eat

Capri attracts the great and good from around the world, and the cuisine scene has to impress. We wouldn’t want all those international movie stars going hungry, would we? Fortunately, Capri doesn’t worry about whether you’re rich and famous or not, and makes sure that visitors of all budgets are catered for with good old fashioned Italian hospitality.

Here’s where to eat in Capri, from cheap eats to expensive restaurants, with a special emphasis on places that do traditional, local cooking. Trust me, once you’ve had a meal in this region, you’ll know what good food is!


Capri Pasta: Hmm, I wonder what their specialty is? If you’re looking for cheap places to eat in Capri, and you’ve got a hankering for fresh, delicious pasta dishes, you really can’t do better than this place! You save money by taking your food away from this small shop in Capri Town (food comes served in foil trays), but who could ask for a better dining room than the great Capri outdoors? I’ve got a particular fondness for ravioli anyway, and I can assure you that the Ravioli Caprese made here are up with the best I’ve tasted! Make your choice from various pasta dishes, plus savory treats such as arancini and croquettes… but seriously, get the ravioli.

Pizzeria Aumm Aumm: This place is a perfect example of Anacapri: it’s got the taste and high-quality of anything you’ll find in Capri Town, but at a fraction of the price! This is a proper sit-down restaurant with an outdoor terrace and friendly staff, and the pizza is up there with the best in the Amalfi Coast area – and given that this is the birthplace of pizza, that’s praise indeed. If pizza isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of pasta and meat options, as well as choices for vegetarians. It’s very popular with the locals – and I don’t think I need to tell you that there’s no better recommendation than that!


Ristorante Da GemmaThis restaurant, situated on a terrace which sits over the sea itself, is a local legend. It’s simply a must-visit, and its fair prices mean that it’s affordable for everyone! It’s the first restaurant I think of when I visualize Capri, and it’s definitely an experience you’ll remember too. Make a reservation for one of the outside dining tables, then get down to the important business of choosing your food! Seafood is what this place specializes in, and you really can’t go wrong with anything – ask your waiter for their recommendations of the day. Be sure to have a fresh Caprese salad as a starter!

Ristorante Pullali: Want some fantastic, affordable food in the heart of Capri Town? How about right next to the iconic clock tower in the Piazzetta? Ristorante Pullali provides local cuisine at a surprising price, given its location! Although it may be further from the sea than Ristorante Da Gemma, you certainly won’t lack for seafood choices: Capri specialties such as octopus, clams, and tuna are firmly on the menu. If you’re feeling brave, there’s even a tuna tartare to sample! Reserve balcony seating for a view to remember.


Da ToninoIf you want the ultimate in fine dining on Capri, then this is the place for you! Situated slightly out of Capri Town, nearer to the Natural Arch, this place is well worth the walk out. The views from the restaurant are nothing special, but that doesn’t matter in the slightest, because your full attention is going to be on the food. Beloved of the famous, this place gives you VIP treatment along with local dishes, carefully put together with only the freshest ingredients – if you order a fish dish, you can guarantee that it was still swimming in the blue seas circling Capri that morning. Innovative, luxurious, and a must for wine lovers!

Ristorante MonzuWant to go seriously posh, in a top hotel restaurant with a dress code and amazing views? Ristorante Monzu, located in the luxury of the Hotel Punta Tragara, is exactly what you’re looking for. This places possesses a Michelin star and is extremely proud of it, but it hasn’t altered their cooking. The food is firmly centered on Italian and Caprese cooking: expect plenty of seafood and pasta options, with the spaghetti vongole (pasta with clams) a particular highlight. Classy with attentive service, you really can’t go wrong with spoiling yourself here!

A bowl of pasta and seafood, available from the best restaurants in Capri.

The ultimate Capri packing list!

Okay, serious talk. For most places in the world, it doesn’t matter too much what you wear. Let’s be honest about it: we all love to follow a packing list and get some lovely new clothes, but if you’re headed to Germany or the UK for example, no-one’s really going to notice what you wear. Here in the UK, we’re pretty much cool with you wearing anything, as long as it’s not your pajamas. I mean, our prime minister hasn’t worked out how to brush his hair, so we’re not going to judge.

That’s not the case on Capri.

As I’ve mentioned, Capri is highly fashion-conscious – many items of clothing were designed around here, from Capri pants to bikinis, and there’s a certain level of dress required if you truly want to fit in. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you have to turn up emblazoned with as many designer names as possible (in fact, if you want to wear designer clothing, go as subtle and ‘unbranded’ as possible). You just have to have a few items in a certain style – and the good news is that you won’t have to break the bank!

In fact, you can get everything you need on Amazon. I knooooow; how cool is that?!

Here’s some of my top picks for what to wear in Capri!

Lemon bag: Having a cute bag is almost more important than having a cute Capri outfit, and this lemon-inspired shoulder bag is bound to bring an approving nod from the locals. You won’t fail to notice the popularity of lemon prints in the local fashion houses, thanks to Capri’s number of groves and the popularity of them in the island’s cuisine, and this is your chance to declare your love. This one is sturdy and well-made, and the natural colors will go with every outfit!

Knitted sweater: It might sound bizarre, but the distressed look is super-popular on Capri – after all, distressed jeans and tops generally cost more than their pristine-looking counterparts (as anyone who’s ever set foot in a branch of Ralph Lauren will tell you. I have to resort to flicking paint over my own cheap jeans, y’all). Luckily, this gorgeous number doesn’t cost a fraction of designer prices, and the apricot color fits perfectly with the Capri aesthetic.

Packable hat: If you don’t have one of these yet, you NEED one, because oh my goodness, it’s going to change your life. I’m serious. I bought one myself before I visited the Amalfi Coast a couple of years ago, and they’re absolute genius. You can fold them, bend them, spindle them, and generally maul them in your suitcase, and they’ll pop right back into shape, and be ready to wear. No more having to stuff them with socks, or feeling like an idiot as you wear them through the airport terminal! (yup, been there.)

Caftan: Perfect for that “I’ve just been swimming in the Mediterranean, dahling” look, caftans are flexible, easy to pack, and super-useful.  I love that these ones come in a variety of styles and colors – for ultimate Capri-ness, go for anything with a linen look, or with embroidery or lace. All of those are very in-line with Amalfi Coast fashion, which is a distinct subsection in Italian fashion. Not only will you keep cool and covered at the beach, but you’ll look like you know the area!

Maxi dress: You can’t go wrong with a maxi dress, and so it proves on Capri – it’s by far the most popular fashion choice with locals and visitors alike. I love, love, LOVE this dress from Pastel by Vivienne – it’s affordable but incredibly well-made and flattering, complementing your curves without being too clingy. It comes in a perfect array of colors, from typically Capri shades of coral and dusty pink, to a bright Italian blue. And even better…. it’s got POCKETS! Yes! Ladies, how brilliant is it to have pockets in dresses?!

Bikini: You can’t come to Capri and not have a bikini. After all, they were introduced to the fashion world not far from here: although named after the Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific, they debuted at Vico Equense on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Nod to local fashion history by treating yourself to one of these: this gorgeous lace-look bikini fits perfectly with the crochet trend, and the pink, blue and white colors are simply perfect for drawing admiring glances!

Sneakers: Capri isn’t all lounging on beaches and speedboats looking fabulous (though we’re not going to turn that stuff down, let’s face it). You also want to be able to get out there and go walking, to see Capri’s stunning natural sights. Fortunately for the fashion-conscious, there’s no need for chunky hiking boots – you can get everywhere you need with a good pair of sneakers. I love Superga: an Italian brand, they’re dupes of more expensive sneakers (which rhyme with Schmonverse), but they’re genuinely the most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn… even over their rivals!

Capri pants: Well, you’ve got to have a pair of Capri pants when you’re visiting Capri, right? Named after the island because of their popularity here in the 1950s and 60s, this wardrobe staple has never gone out of fashion. Be the next Audrey Hepburn by donning a pair, and strolling around town! These gorgeous ones by trusted fashion brand Lee are perfect: the colors fit perfectly with the Capri look, and the linen-esqe fabric means that you’ll keep cool whilst fitting in with fashion.

Rattan crossbody bag: Want to know what’s all the rage at the moment, and on every list of what to wear on the Amalfi Coast? These rather fabulous round, crossbody bags. Seriously: pick up any fashion magazine at the moment, and I guarantee you’ll see a photo of a model wearing one in a Mediterranean setting. They’re absolutely hot, and this is your chance to get one without paying designer prices! Well made, with a cute lining that’ll hold a phone with ease, this one is a complete no-brainer.

Stripe jumpsuit: Jumpsuits (or playsuits, depending on what you like to call them) remain incredibly popular on Capri. They’re stylish, practical, and save you the effort of having to match tops with bottoms – we all know that’s a total pain sometimes, right? This cute suit won’t just keep you feeling cool, but it’ll make you look cool too – the pinstripe style is bang on trend, and never goes out of fashion on Capri. Give yourself a powerful look, whilst still looking totally relaxed!

Flowing top: I love a good flowy top – they’re equally good for wearing during the day, or at night when you’re heading out for dinner. The flowing material keeps you cool but covered during the hot, sunny days, and hides just how much pasta you scoffed in the evening as you roll back to your hotel (we’ve all been there). This particular one is a gem: comfy, chic, and cute, it’s perfect for all of your needs – just check out all those positive reviews! You can’t go wrong, and the price is fantastic!

Blazer: You’ve definitely got to consider what you’ll wear in the evenings on Capri, especially if you’re planning to go to dinner somewhere a little bit posh. A lot of the island’s top establishments have a strict dress code, and although you’ll be more than welcome in a classy evening gown, you may want to consider a blazer if you’re visiting in spring or autumn. These times of year can still have a cool breeze coming off the sea, and if you’re sitting outside, this smart blazer will save you from getting chilled whilst still looking good!

Sunglasses: A must-have on Capri. Not only is the island blessed with ludicrous amounts of sunshine, but all those dusty terracotta tiles and white houses reflect sunlight – it gets hard on the old peepers after a while. Plus, sunglasses are also great for looking like a boss, and being potentially mistaken for a celebrity! We all secretly want that; you know it. And what better than a pair of Michael Kors? No, really – these are super affordable, and they come from one of the best designers out there; my advice is to snap them up before the company realizes how insanely under-priced they are!

Sandals: Although there’s plenty of shoes that’ll fit in fine with the Capri look – anything from the highest heels to straw-soled espadrilles look good here – you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of sandals. After all, the ancient Romans never went wrong with them around these parts! Embrace Capri’s cultural heritage by getting your hands on a pair of these ridiculously comfortable sandals, made to reflect traditional styles: you’ll be able to wear these all day, and not experience that discomfort between your toes. Nude, Natural and Mauve are perfect colors!

Colorful earrings: Capri is a place that appreciates a splash of color – what could be more Caprese than a white house with bright, glorious bougainvillea flowers climbing up the side? – and the same goes for accessories. If you’re wearing outfits that are mostly white, jazz it up with some earrings that’ll really make you stand out! I love these ones: they’re right on trend with the tassles (and you can choose the color which complements your outfit most!), they’re lightweight, and the design has just a hint of old school glam.

A bowl of flowers sits on a wall with the bay of Marina Piccola and small boats in the background.

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We’ve made it! You are now armed with all of my info and secrets on the best things to do in Capri. You’ve got all my tips and hacks, squeezed out like a juiced Capri lemon.

I couldn’t be happier for you; I truly want to share all my experience with you – whether you’re staying on Capri for a few days (or longer!), or popping over for a day trip from the Amalfi Coast. Capri is a very special place, and you truly deserve to see everything it has to offer, and make your own special memories. I hope you love it as much as I do, and have a fantastic trip!

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