35 Enchanting Things to Do in Paris in Winter!

Looking for the perfect end-of-year trip? Then you need to visit Paris in winter!

Forget “Paris in the springtime”, with its sappy songs and overpriced hotels; visiting Paris in the chilly months is where it’s at. Crisp, frosty air which rolls in off the Seine, giving a cherry blush to the cheeks of Parisians, cheerfully preparing for Christmas. Decorations strung along handsome, snowy streets, sparkling like stars. Cozy cafes and restaurants, steam creeping up the windows, offering shelter from a sudden rainstorm. And most practically, less tourists and cheaper hotel rates! Hurrah!

But even though it’s the perfect trip, there’s some research to be done before you throw yourself headlong into the Paris winter. Just how cold is it going to be? Are there plenty of things to do inside, so you don’t have to be out in the elements all the time? What kind of clothes will you need to pack? And where are the coziest places to stay in Paris in winter?

Fear not! For I have survived Paris in the colder months, and have loads of juicy tips for you – the best things to do in Paris without freezing your hiney off, whilst still seeing all those Paris landmarks you’ve dreamed of. It’s time to make Paris into your own personal winter wonderland!

First time in the city? Check out my guide to the things you need to know before visiting Paris!

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What is the weather like in Paris in winter?

Short answer: the weather in Paris at winter is cold and damp. If you’re adverse to either of those conditions, November is the best winter month to visit, with an average temperature of 11°C (52F). In December, January and February, the temperatures drop sharply. Average temperatures for those months are as below:

December: 8°C (46F)

January: 8°C (46F)

February: 9°C (48F)

On average, January tends to be the coldest month in Paris. But what about rain? After all, there’s few things that spoil your dreams of skipping around a European city, looking all trés chic and Instagrammable, than a sudden downpour which leaves you looking like you’ve just been dredged out of the Seine. Good news: February is the driest month in Paris (rain-haters should avoid visiting in May, the wettest month).

If you’re a bit wary of the low temperatures, and still asking yourself “it is worth visiting Paris in the winter?”, then these stats actually makes it pretty clear: not only is it the cheapest and quietest time of year, but it’s also better than you might think for wet weather, especially in February. If the cold is just too much, visit in November, when it’s a couple of degrees warmer – but bear in mind that you’ll still catch the hotel rates of the shoulder season.

Does it snow in Paris in winter?

We’ve got to mention snow. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely a consideration!

As with most European locations at this time of year, Paris is occasionally graced with a dusting of snow… but you generally won’t get much more than that. After all, France is known for having pretty mild weather, and is more southerly than the UK, where a snowy Christmas is a very uncommon occurrence. Plus, as Paris is the 5th biggest city in Europe, any snow that does fall tends to get mercilessly stomped underfoot by passing pedestrians, and turned into an unappealing slush.

If you’re absolutely desperate to see the city at it’s most beautiful, January and February are the best times to see Paris in the snow. Just get up early to see it! You’re also actually pretty unlikely to get snow in December, so dreams of a white Christmas in Paris will probably have to stay in your imagination. Boo!

Notre-Dame in Paris in the winter, with a Christmas tree outside

Notre Dame de Paris at dusk, France.

How to get to Paris in the winter

Visiting Paris can start either very well, or very badly. Because let me assure you: Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport is absolutely huge, and it will eat you alive and spit you out like a bad baguette if it possibly can. 

That might sound like an exaggeration, but the place is legitimately enormous, and confusing to navigate. I love airports, and I’m pretty good at finding my way around even if I’ve never visited before, but CDG had me absolutely bewildered. And if you’re visiting Paris in winter, all you’re going to want to do is find your way to the hotel, dump your stuff, and change into something warm. You really don’t want to spend ages finding your way to the train station, then working out how to buy a ticket, then trying to decipher the train map. Nah, screw that

Let me give you a pro tip: book yourself a ticket with Le Bus Direct. I’ve used them myself, and it was so ridiculously easy: you buy and print your ticket before you leave home, and it contains clear instructions on where to find your bus (conveniently located right outside the terminal). They drop off at multiple locations in the city center, so you’re bound to be either near your hotel, or near to a Metro station for a short hop. They have comfy, modern buses with loads of legroom and storage, and it’s honestly restful to sit back and watch Paris go by. They also run a service from Orly Airport, and a service linking Orly and CDG!

I recommend them 100%, having used them myself. Want an even better recommendation? A lot of my fellow passengers were locals – that shows you that it’s a good price, and a good service!

The glass pyramid of the Louvre in Paris in winter

What can you do in Paris in the winter?

Okay, enough planning and practical stuff! It’s time to have a look at the fun stuff – things to do in Paris that’ll give you an absolutely perfect trip. Sights that’ll make your mouth open, and your heart race under all those layers of winter clothing. Cozy places to curl up, and indoor activities you never knew existed. Places that’ll look picture perfect in the winter months, Paris with a scenic sheen of frost; the mere thought of them having you reach for your passport.

Here’s the very best things to do in Paris in the winter!

Stay cozy in Paris museums

Paris has some of the very best museums in the world, and visiting them at any time of year is a must, but winter is when they really come into their own!

Trust me: there are few better feelings in the world than hurrying out of the wet and cold into the pyramid entrance of the Louvre Museum. One moment you’re in the damp and dull, and the next moment, you’re stepping into the golden light of a treasure house; the home of cultural and artistic icons. The place really does glow, and you can easily spend a day (or seven) touring the various wings, and seeing famed works of art. Plus there’s the Mona Lisa; c’mon!

Love museums, but fancy something a little quieter than the Louvre? No problem: you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cosy cultural boltholes! The Musée D’Orsay is one of my very favorites, a former train station which retains all the old-fashioned charm and glamour of its previous occupation (check out the clock face on the top floor, possibly one of the most picture-perfect spots in the city), but has a superb collections of painted art and statues. The quality is just as high as the Louvre, whilst being more manageable to visit!

Check out the Rodin Museum or the Cluny Museum if you’re into your art and history, or if you’re looking for something a bit more far-out, pop along to the Palais de Tokyo. A world of modern art (and the occasional “huh?” moment) awaits!

Christmas shopping in Paris at Galeries Lafayette, with a large multicoloured tree

Go shopping in department stores

Nothing says “I’ve been to Paris and I’m terribly chic” than going on a shopping trip to the city’s department stores, and exiting with an armful of boutique bags. The good news is that you don’t need to make it rain with cash – you might find that they’re more affordable than you think!

Paris led the way in department stores back in the mid-19th century, as merchants became keen to capitalise on the newfound wealth of the middle and lower classes. Before that point, most shops had been located in the dark and occasionally dangerous covered passageways dotted around the city (more on those later!), and weren’t entirely attractive to gentlefolk wishing to spend their cash. So, merchants created what was essentially an early shopping mall: a one-stop shop with reasonable prices, designed to get customers seeing and spending as much as possible.

Although there’s a number of grand old department stores, which have become Paris legends, the most venerated is the Galeries Lafayette. Historic and beautiful, it’s one of the most Instagrammable spots in Paris – but most importantly, it’s an epic place to go shopping! Carrying top international brands such as The Kooples and Lacoste, as well as lesser known but equally stylish brands – La Redoute is a favorite for picking up classic French fashion – it’s ridiculously easy to find anything you’ll need.

Pick up a few key pieces, and you’ll fit right in with the Paris fashionistas in their winter finery!

Do a spot of ice skating

You simply can’t visit Paris in winter without indulging in a spot of ice skating! Or if you’re as hopelessly uncoordinated as me, going and watching other people ice skating!

I admit that I’m far too worried about breaking various parts of my anatomy to partake myself, but there’s no denying that ice skating has to rank pretty high on the scale when it comes to magical things to do in Paris. Lights hitting the ice, as dusk falls. Excited French chatter, and small children wrapped up in their winter warmers. A stunning backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, encased in lights, glittering on the hour…

Does that sound hopelessly romantic, or even a bit unrealistic? Dispel those doubts, because it’s true – you really can ice skate in the very shadow of the Eiffel Tower, with a rink which is seasonally set up on the Champs de Mars. Yup, that’s practically underneath the tower itself! If that doesn’t float your boat (whyyyyy?), you can also take advantage of rinks at the beautiful Grand Palais, or most awesomely, the Galeries Lafayette. In the latter, you can skate on the roof itself, with a picture-perfect view of the city… and it’s free!

Paris’s outdoor ice rinks generally open up in December and stay in place until early January, but check online for opening times for individual sites!

People ice skating outside the City Hall in Paris

Take in the magic of Christmas markets

Visiting markets in Paris is a wonderful idea at any time of year, but the city’s Christmas markets are simply magical, and a mainstay of any Paris Christmas! Who doesn’t want to wander brightly-lit stalls, eat delicious hot food, and buy loads of Christmas presents? I don’t know about you, but personally I’m up for that always.

There is a veritable raft of options available when it comes to finding your perfect Christmas market, with stalls popping up in almost every neighborhood in the city. Different markets specialise in different things – the Alsatian Christmas Market at the Gare de l’Est is tragically nothing to do with dogs, but is in fact a major foodie market – but you can expect traditional roasted chestnuts and gifts made by artisans in nearly all of them. You can find crafts from all over France!

Want tons of choice? Then you’ll want the largest Christmas market in Paris, located at La Défense. Fancy stocking up on jewellery and decorations? Les Faeries d’Auteil is for you. Want to do your Christmas shopping whilst being a super-cheesy tourist, and giggling with the sheer Paris-ness of it all? You’ll be wanting the Christmas market on the Champs de Mars beneath the Eiffel Tower. Whichever one you choose, you really can’t go wrong; you’re going to find festive cheer and neat gifts at every single one!

Paris Christmas markets generally run from mid November to early January. Obviously, they’re busier the closer you get to the big day, and quieter after New Year – though you may find a little less choice.

Visit a winter wonderland at Disneyland

Okay, I admit – Disneyland Paris isn’t really my thing. When I returned from Paris, I was the only person on my flight who wasn’t wearing mouse ears or some form of Disney merch in the passport queue. I’m not even kidding. 

But if you’re traveling with the young’uns, or if you’re just a huge Disney fan, Disneyland Paris has to be the perfect place to visit in winter! The House of Mouse is all about the magic, and there’s surely no more magical time of year than the run-up to Christmas. The park takes everything you love about the winter months, and wraps it up into one other-worldly package called Disney’s Enchanted Christmas.

What can you expect? For starters, a gigantic, beautiful tree which has all of the perfect touches you’d expect from a Disney Christmas tree! Then there’s the parade, which rivals anything in any of the other worldwide Disney parks. Oh, how about decorations for days, with every inch of the park gaily decked out in gently twinkling lights? If that’s just not enough, how about meeting your favourite characters – and some guy called Santa, too?

Whether you visit for the day, or base yourself here for your whole trip, this is the ideal way to experience Paris in winter for any Disney lover!

Fireworks exploding next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris


Celebrate the New Year!

Can you think of a better place to spend New Year’s Eve than Paris? If there’s one place in the world which knows how to impress, it’s here – and it’s worth booking a trip to Paris in winter simply to take part in the end-of-year celebrations!

In fact, the only problem you’re going to have is deciding what to do. The majority of revellers head to – guess where! – the Eiffel Tower. The bastion of all things French, it’s understandably a focal point for those wanting to see in a new year. Fireworks explode overhead, and you can either head down to the Champs de Mars to join in with the party, or get a prime viewing position at the Trocadero. Expect crowds at either site!

If celebrating at the Eiffel Tower just seems too obvious, how about the Champs Elysées? The most famous street in Paris puts on a light show rivalling anything in the world – the road is closed to traffic, so you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with your fellow party people, and a countdown is projected on to the grand, historic structure of the Arc de Triomphe. Then you’re officially in the new year, and you can hug/kiss/snog the pants off your favourite person. It’s truly magical!

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If that still seems all too mainstream, head out to Montmartre, and climb the steps of Sacré-Coeur. This beautiful church offers one of the best panoramic views of Paris, and a spot here on New Year’s Eve allows you to see the city’s fireworks displays… all at the same time.

See a cabaret show

As much as we love Paris, there’s no denying that the city gets pretty darn cold in the winter. So how about escaping to somewhere deliciously sultry, where both the surroundings and the sights are guaranteed to warm you up?

Paris is famous for its cabaret shows, and they don’t come any more famous (or infamous) than the Moulin Rouge. The name translates as “Red Windmill”, and you’ll certainly be able to spot the building as you walk through the Pigalle neighbourhood, thanks to the eponymous mill perched on the building’s roof. How’s that for advertising? 

Go inside, and if you’re not gawping at the beautiful show hall with its gleaming tables and canopied ceiling, you’ll certainly gawk at the show!The dancers are at the top of the business, and it’s nowhere near as seedy as its reputation will have you believe – this is a quality cabaret show, which excels in being both professional and clean. Though the costumes are occasionally on the revealing side!

If you want to see the home of the cancan, and get a wonderful hot meal whilst you’re at it, you can’t go wrong with a visit here!

A young woman relaxes in a Turkish Bath in Paris

Relax in the warmth of a Turkish bath

Who wants to spend the whole of their trip to Paris shivering in the cold? Not you: in a city of luxury, you deserve better than freezing your little toes off 24-7. So what about treating yourself to one of the city’s sumptuous Turkish baths, and luxuriating in warm water?

Turkish baths are one of the hidden treasures of Paris. The city has a huge populations of both Turks and North Africans, and you can take in all of the delights (pun intended) of a genuine hammam – perfect for those cold Western Europe days! The best known hammam is the one at the Paris Mosque – exclusively reserved for women, you can expect to be scrubbed to within an inch of your life, but come away feeling cleaner and more relaxed than you ever have in your life. It’s worth visiting just for the beautiful interior!

There’s a few things to remember when you visit a hammam, though. The first is that you’re going to spend a fair amount of time either totally naked, or dressed in tiny paper panties – if this isn’t your thing, you might want to give it a miss. But remember that everyone is going to be in the same position, and largely concentrating on what they’re doing rather than looking at you! The second is that the attendants can be a little rough when they’re getting you clean – but that just-scrubbed feeling and the massage after makes it totally worth it!

It might not be for everyone, but visiting a Turkish bath just might be the perfect way to beat the winter blues.

Explore the magic of the Festival of Lights

What better way to celebrate winter in the City of Lights than going to see a festival devoted to illumination, guaranteed to blow away any grumbles you ever had about the chill?

The Festival of Lights Paris takes place in the Jardin des Plantes, where the area if filled with gigantic structures designed to be lit up from within. Imagine giant animals, trees, and seascapes – even a replica of Notre Dame! – brightly coloured and illuminated, shining in the darkness. And you get to frolic between them all, and pretend that you’re Alice in Wonderland!

The Festival of Lights starts in November and generally runs until January, giving you plenty of time to catch it (although with the amount of set-up the Festival takes, you can’t blame them for having a long running time!). Although it’s one of the newer winter attractions in Paris, it’s proved to be enormously popular, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The Festival of Lights is magical at any age, but if you’re traveling with kids, prepare to watch young minds being blown!

The exterior of the Palais Garnier, also known as the Paris Opera. This is one of the best things to do in Paris in winter

Go to the opera at Palais Garnier

The Phaaaaaaatom of the Opera is there / Inside your mind!” Well, actually no; he was originally inside the Palais Garnier, and not my mind, thank you very much! Flippin’ phantoms getting in your mind when your back is turned; tsk.

Whether you love the story of the Phantom of the Opera or not, a trip to the Palais Garnier is well worth it at any time of year. But when you’re spending time in winter in Paris, taking a tour here is one of the best indoor activities, with just the right mix of jaw-dropping scenery, fun stories, and spooky Phantom-ness. Go to the entrance at the back of the building, and you can take a tour – either guided, or self-guided!

But how about seeing the Paris Opera in all its glory? For that, you need to pop along for an evening performance, in your best finery – and it’s worth every penny. You don’t have to like opera, although there’s probably no better venue in the world for it than here: the building also hosts chamber music performances, as well as ballets which are as magnificent as you’d expect.

If you want the finest in Paris culture, whilst still retaining an aspect of popular, mainstream fun, there’s no finer place in the whole of the city!

Sample a hot chocolate at Angelina

Seriously, is there anything more cozy and comforting in cold weather than having a delicious, creamy hot chocolate, which tingles your taste buds and warms you from head to toe? We think not!

However, this is Paris: a city dedicated to doing everything better than anywhere else. So it’ll come as no surprise that the Parisians have perfected the art of making hot chocolate, with cafes which have been designated an integral part of surviving Paris in winter! Given that this is a city devoted to the pursuit of luxury, in a region obsessed with chocolate, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s the best you’ll ever taste.

Angelina, a chocolatier located on the Rue de Rivoli, has been doing business since 1903. It is nothing less than the best chocolate house in Paris – it’s most famous for its Mont Blanc pastries, a delicious combination of chocolate, meringue, and chestnut – but come the winter, it’s the L’Africain hot chocolate which is the star. For €6.90, you’ll be served with two helpings of the smoothest, cocoa-rich chocolat chaud you’ll ever experience.

Trying the hot chocolate at Angelina is a Paris must-do – the only problem is that your regular brand of hot chocolate will never be the same…

Groove on down at the Africolor Music Festival

You may be in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s still easy to get struck down by the winter blues. The skies can be grey. The rain doth drizzle. And it’s a proper pain getting that slush out of your socks.

How about getting away from all those winter worries, by transporting yourself to somewhere warm and colourful? How about taking in the sounds and culture of Africa? Yup, the Africolor Music Festival is the perfect escape! And you don’t even have to jump on a plane to do it: simply head down to the Seine Saint Denis neighbourhood between November and December, and you can enjoy performances by some of the best African and Caribbean acts in the world!

Wander the area’s hotels, restaurants and bars, and you’ll find them hosting everything from steel bands to traditional tunes being played on hollowed-out gourds. It’s a wonderful way to beat the winter blues, promoting the wonderful diversity of Paris, and showcasing artists from every corner of a great continent.

Check the Africolour Music Festival website for full details of artists and locations, and make the most of this truly multicultural city!

Chairs outside a Paris cafe. Cafes remain open in Paris in December and January

Eat outside… in covered gallery cafes

Remember those dark, dank passageways we talked about earlier, when we were discussing the Paris department stores? Did they sound intriguing, yet slightly salubrious? Dispel those fears, because things have changed since the 1800s – they’re now an awesome way to experience outdoor dining without having to be outdoors!

Paris is famous for its pavement cafes, allowing you to look super Gallic as you eat your steak tartare with a perfectly positioned Gauloises between your fingers. Well, just because you’re visiting Paris in the winter, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out (though lose the cigarette; it’s not good for you)! Those once-dodgy passageways are now covered, chic, and perfect for cafes and shops. 

Check out the Passage des Panoramas for Europe’s oldest covered passage; perfect for being at your Parisian best. Though if shopping is more your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice: pop along to the Galerie Véro-Dodat for some of the city’s most exclusive boutiques (including a Louboutin workshop), or explore Passage Choiseul. The latter contains Bar à Sieste where you can get a massage in a zero gravity chair. I’m not even kidding! 

The covered passageways are a quintessential element of Paris, and you can make an entire weekend out of exploring them!

See Versailles at its most beautiful

The legendary palace at Versailles is an easy day trip from Paris, and winter can be a perfect time to visit. Not only can you enjoy wandering around the site in relative peace from the summer crowds, but the palace and its grounds look downright magnificent when winter weather settles in. You haven’t seen Versailles at its best until you’ve seen it draped in snow.

You won’t have any problem reaching Versailles either; the journey takes a mere 25 minutes by train, and it’s a straightforward journey from Gare Montparnasse station. A mere 5 minute walk from Versailles Chantiers station, and you’ll be arriving at what is probably the most beautiful residence in Europe. You can explore the grounds, though if the weather is a little harsh, you’ll find plenty inside to keep your jaw dropped!

The star of the show is the stunning Hall of Mirrors, much imitated throughout the world, but never bettered. The whole palace is straight out of a fairytale, but the Hall of Mirrors really is where you’ll feel like a Disney princess.  Not enough for you? Explore the various salons with their exquisite collections of art and gorgeous architecture, or check out the white and gold interior of the Royal Chapel.

Be sure to check the Palace of Versailles website for winter hours (you don’t want to be arriving too early and shivering outside for an hour), but a day trip here is high reward with low effort!

The Palace of Versailles in winter, an easy day trip from Paris

Cruise the Seine, in the warm!

Okay, taking a cruise down the Seine might seem Tourist Cliche Central. I was actually really reluctant to do one when I visited Paris, thinking that it would be cheesy and dreadful (and I usually have a special love for things that are cheesy and dreadful). But y’know what? They’re actually really awesome!

Not only is the Seine an iconic river in its own right (as we’ll be discussing shortly!), but it’s a truly fantastic way to see some of the major Paris landmarks from a unique perspective. Most of the city’s major sights are constructed as near to the river as possible, and you’ll get fantastic views of Notre Dame, the Pont Alexandre III (undoubtedly the poshest bridge in Paris), the Musée D’Orsay, and the best views of the Eiffel Tower you’ll ever get.

Although the Seine can get pretty breezy at the best of times, you won’t have to worry about the weather either! Most of the companies offering river cruises have an enclosed deck for when it gets chilly. The company I chose, Bateaux Parisiens Seine Cruise, have both an enclosed deck and an open top deck upstairs, meaning that you can stay warm, or brave the cold for a better view!

Want the ultimate winter Seine cruise? Go at night, and watch the mist wrap itself around the City of Lights, giving it an ethereal glow and an atmosphere which is unmatched. 

Partake in a Réveillon Feast on Christmas Eve

Never heard of a Réveillon feast? Don’t worry; you’re soon going to love it!

The name comes from a French word meaning “waking”, because you have to stay up pretty late in order to enjoy it! They’re traditionally held on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, as close to midnight as possible. In the UK and USA, we make a big deal of our Christmas dinners. The French say “bah,  I am not waiting for zis meal!” and have it as soon as humanly possible, and I love them for it.

So what does this feast entail? Well, there’s no quarter given to the lateness of the hour – this is a proper feast. The food may come from all over France, with Burgundy snails and oysters on the menu as appetisers, followed by roasted turkey, goose, or pheasant as the main course. That’s not nearly enough food for 1am though, so why not wash it down with a chocolate Yule log? It’s fair to say that you’re going to sleep well after partaking!

There’s actually two Réveillon feasts, one on Christmas Eve and one on New Year’s Eve. If you can wrangle an invite to the Christmas Eve one, be honoured, as that’s generally reserved for close family. Unless you have French relatives, it may be easier to attend a New Year’s Eve feast – but whatever the day, be sure to take up the invitation! 

A celebration of New Year in Paris, France, with friends eating a feast

Frolic at Le Festival de Merveilleux

The Musee des Arts Forains is a fairground museum, which is usually only open to the public by prior reservation. Bummer, huh? But if you’re visiting Paris in winter, you have a fantastic opportunity to gain access thanks to a wonderful celebration – Le Festival du Merveilleux!

“The Festival of Marvels” puts its location to good use: the museum opens its doors to everyone and cranks up its collection of antique fairground rides, decorating them in lights, and turning the whole thing into a total wonderland. The rides and attractions are utterly charming, and the whole thing has an old-fashioned charm which is just perfect for its time slot at the end of year, in the run-up to the New Year.

But that’s not all! Thronging among the fairground attractions are performers of every type: jugglers, magicians, dancers, and storytellers perform, and entertain the crowds with French cheerfulness (never believe the stereotype of Parisians being rude; it’s utterly false in my experience). It is so adorably wholesome and lovely, and the beauty of it will legitimately bring a little tear to your eye.

Come here in the winter, support this wonderful museum, and enjoy a celebration of fun, magic, and French tradition!

Explore the legendary Paris Sewers

You’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, at a particularly pretty time of year! You’re in Paris, known for its fashion, glamour, and luxury! Let’s go down a sewer!

Wait; put down that phone – I haven’t lost my mind (yet). The Paris Sewers are fabled as being a city beneath a city, and taking tours of them has been popular since the 1800s. I wanted to take a tour of them ever since I played a video game called Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, which is an absolute classic and which involves you having to chase a clown through the sewers at one point. They’re more famous for being written about in Les Misérables, but c’mon, chasing clowns is cooler.

You can access the sewers via the Paris Sewer Museum near the Pont de l’Alma, which is reopening in 2020 with full accessibility to the disabled. Not only is it a fascinating stroll through the history of Paris, and a novel way of seeing how a big city really works, but it’s an ideal way to escape the winter cold. Trust me, it’ll be warm down there.

Millions of people see Paris every year… but not all of them see it quite as in-depth as this!

Pont Alexandre III, a good place to go walking in Paris at winter

Take a walk along the River Seine

Walking along the bank of the River Seine is surely on everyone’s travel bucket list. Picture it: wrapping up in your best clothes to avoid the Paris winter weather, snug and cozy. Seeing boats glide past on the water. Getting fabulous views of some of the city’s most iconic sights. Grabbing hot food from a stall, and watching the world go by.

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Seriously, who doesn’t want to do that? Plus there’s the best thing of all: it’s absolutely free!

Even though winter is a cheaper time of year to visit Paris, finding free things to do still appeals (those fresh baguettes from the city’s excellent bakeries soon add up, trust me). And when an activity is as enchanting as this, it’s hard to resist! Start off at the Trocadero with its fabulous views of the Eiffel Tower, and make your way along the bank, past glories such as the Pont Alexandre III (face left and peek down to the beautiful buildings of the Grand Palais and Petit Palais), then walk past the Tuileries gardens and the Louvre.

Cross a bridge on to the gorgeous, ancient surroundings of the Île de la Cité, passing by the stately exterior of Notre-Dame. Take another bridge (the Pont Neuf is a good choice, being the oldest bridge in Paris)  and head past the Musée d’Orsay and historic American Church in Paris. Finally, end your stroll back at the Eiffel Tower, where you can take a pause to reflect on all the wonderful sights – and Parisians going about their everyday life – you’ve just seen!

Keep cozy at the Jardin des Plantes greenhouse

Here’s a little fact about me: even though I don’t remotely have a green thumb (I have killed multiple cacti; how does that even happen?), I love visiting botanical gardens and greenhouses. I’ve frolicked around examples in Cluj-Napoca, Vienna, and Gothenburg, and loved every moment of it.  

Not only do greenhouses give you a moment of peace in a busy city, but they’re absolutely ideal to visit in colder weather. After all, if you’re visiting Paris in winter, you will want to escape the cold at times, and there’s no better place to do it than in a glass house full of tropical plants. Plus it’s giving you a little taste of the exotic while you’re at it!

The Jardin des Plantes is probably one of the best botanical gardens in the world. Not only is it the headquarters of the National Museum of Natural History, but it’s the home of over 8 million examples of plants, meaning that its greenhouse is a veritable rainforest at any time of year. In a city as busy and chilly as Paris, taking a time-out here to relax in the warmth and quiet is worth its weight in gold.

This is one of my favourite things to do in Paris, and the warmth is an added bonus!

Get equestrian at the Salon du Cheval

Who doesn’t love horses? Seriously. Our fine fetlocked friends are perfect companions, gentle, loyal, and intelligent, and Paris celebrates them every year with the Salon du Cheval!

You may think that you’ve seen a horse show, but trust me, you ain’t seen a horse show until you see this one. Established in the 1970s, it was intended to be nothing less than the finest equestrian show in the world, with competitions amongst professional riders. This tradition still stands, but the show has expanded to include stalls selling horsey equipment, stud farms, and more horse-related merchandise than you can shake a pony at.

If you’re not intending to come home with a saddle or bridle (or indeed an entire horse), there’s plenty to keep you entertained – aside from the various championships being held, there’s  also dressage contests, and the annual Arabian Horse World Championship, devoted to finding the most beautiful horses in the world. And you may well see a rare breed or two…

The Salon du Cheval website is the best place to check for exact dates and opening hours, but the festival generally runs in early December each year.

A young woman sits outside a cafe in Paris at Christmas

Stay inside in romantic cafes

Here’s a challenge. Go on a photo website of your choice, and search for “Paris”. What’s one of the most common images you see there? I’ll bet that there’s lots of photos of cafes, with people grabbing a coffee or stopping to read a newspaper with a croissant – and that’s because visiting cafes is one of the best things to do in Paris!

Paris and cafes just go together like bread and butter. After all, this is a city devoted to living the good life; a city which has perfected the art of baking delicious breads and cakes, and which is practically fuelled by coffee. Walk past a cafe at any time of day, and you’ll see it full to the rafters with locals enjoying their day. That’s the way to live!

Cafes become even more desirable in winter, when they’re a warm, cozy bolthole to escape to for an hour. Whether you head to a cute tearoom such as Café Mirabelle, or go a bit more contemporary at new Paris institutions such as The Hood, no one is going to judge you if stay inside, read a book, and listen to rain falling against the windows.

By the way, try a genuine French eclair – you definitely won’t regret it!

Get chic at Paris Fashion Week

If you consider yourself a bit of a fashion maven, you’ve got to visit Paris during Paris Fashion Week. It doesn’t matter whether you’re crazy rich, or whether you just have Covet installed on your phone; you’ll love soaking in the sights and inspirations! 

Although it’s not strictly held in winter (it generally runs in late autumn), it’s definitely one to check out if you’re not up for facing Paris at its coldest – or just come back to the city again in December; I’m not going to judge you. I was staying in Paris during Fashion Week completely by accident, and there’s no doubt that it gives the whole place that extra little bit of sparkle!

Aside from spotting celebs and rubbing shoulders with the seriously rich in Fouquet’s, Paris Fashion Week gives the city’s designers the chance to really show what they can do – and although places are limited, it is possible to grab tickets for events that are otherwise industry-only. You have to be pretty quick off the mark, or very lucky, but check sites such as Eventbrite for availability. It’s worth the effort just to be able to attend the world’s best fashion show, and see the incredible creativity on show.

Attend a show, marvel at the designs, and forever yearn to own them…  

The stained glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

Explore the city’s churches at Christmas

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy time spent in the churches of Paris. These magnificent structures are hallowed and ancient, designed to strike as much awe into the heart of the viewer as possible, and the run-up to Christmas has them at their most gorgeous.

At the time of writing, Notre-Dame is still suffering from the effects of the devastating fire of 2019, and unfortunately it’s going to take some time before the most beloved landmark in Paris is back to its best. But don’t worry – there’s something equally as beautiful just around the corner! Literally a couple of streets away lies Sainte-Chapelle, my absolute favourite church in Paris. Head in here in the afternoon, take a trip up the narrow staircase, and be astounded by a chapel seemingly made entirely from stained glass. It’s utterly spellbinding!

If you want to check out a church which is slightly more modern, yet just as grand in its design, head to Sacré-Cœur in the Montmartre neighbourhood. This gleaming white building commands a position overlooking the whole of Paris, and although the interior might not be quite as impressive as Sainte-Chapelle’s, the exterior more than makes up for it. Both Sainte-Chapelle and Sacré-Cœur hold Christmas concerts and masses; check their respective sites for details.

By the way, want to visit a Paris church with a literary (sort of) pedigree? Visit Saint-Sulpice, better known as the church at the heart of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code – even if the church itself goes out of its way to dispel the claims made in the book!

Try a Vin Chaud

Vin chaud is a key element of Paris in wintertime. After all, if you have a Christmas without a mulled wine, did you really Christmas at all?

As you French-speakers may have already guessed, “vin chaud” translates as “hot wine”. And that’s exactly what is: a heady mix of blood orange, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and cognac mixed with a good red wine, then lovingly stewed. Let’s be serious here: you’re in France, probably the world’s finest producer of wine. Can you imagine how good that tastes? 

Visit any of the Paris Christmas markets, and you won’t have to  imagine it! Vin Chaud is commonly sold at the markets, in the same way that glühwein dominates at German equivalents. But if crowds and standing up isn’t your thing, head to Café Marly, where you can enjoy a cup sitting down. Oh, did I mention that the cafe is located under the eaves of the Louvre, and overlooks the famous pyramid outside? It’s the perfect romantic winter spot!

No matter where you sample it, you’re bound to fall in love with this most French of winter treats!

Vin chaud, similar to mulled wine, is a staple part of a Paris Christmas

See some seriously impressive Christmas trees

If you’re looking for things to do in Paris in winter, you’ll see grand Christmas trees at practically any attraction you decide to visit – after all, this is France, one of the most staunchly Catholic countries on the globe. How about seeking out some of the city’s most beautiful specimens?

Place Vendome is one of the most famous Christmas tree locations in Paris, thanks to an offering in 2014 which looked somewhat… adult…  whether it was intentional or not! The controversy may be over, but the locations remains a favourite for displaying Christmas trees. From December onward, you can expect to find a mightily impressive tree in this equally impressive courtyard!

You can also expect the department stores, especially Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marché to put on a spectacular show – if you suspect that they try to out-do each other, then you’re probably right. Otherwise, check out the beautifully illuminated trees (of the non-Christmas variety) on Avenue Montaigne, or travel to Notre-Dame to see the Swedish tree which is traditionally placed outside, often lit in blue and gold lights.

If you visit the City of Lights without seeing Christmas trees joining in with the illuminations, you’re missing out!

Take advantage of the quiet at Parc Zoologique de Paris

One of the joys of winter in Paris is that it’s relatively quiet. Tourists get scared off by the weather, or simply can’t imagine a trip to Paris which isn’t bathed in sunlight. But the savvy traveler knows that this is an opportunity not to be missed!

So with this in mind, what’s a great place to escape the bustle for a while; a place which would usually be overrun in the summer? Zoos! Yes, they mean that you’re going to be outside for a bit, but you get to enjoy seeing well-cared-for animals relaxing without the hordes of humans. Who hasn’t been annoyed when visiting a zoo by relentless waves of small children banging on the glass, or howling at the wolves? Yeah, I hear ya.

The Parc Zoologique de Paris is a mere stone’s throw from the city centre, and it’s a wonderful zoo. I’m a massive animal lover, and if a zoo doesn’t meet my strict standards, I’m off. But here the enclosures are spacious and airy, and the inhabitants well looked after. You have five Biozones to explore – Madagascar, Europe, Africa, Patagonia, and Amazon-Guyana. The latter automatically became my favourite, since it has free-roaming sloths! Squeal!

This is a lovely park, where the health and happiness of the animals is paramount. Give it a visit, and you’ll spend a half-day in another world!

A tiger looks up in the zoo at Paris winter

Get tropical at the Paris Aquarium

Know what kind of building lets you get out of the cold and into the warm, and can be found in nearly every major city in the world? Aquariums, that’s what! And whilst they might not be overly festive, they’re a wonderful way to see some amazing creatures whilst feeling strangely snug.

The Paris Aquarium is located bang in the middle of the city, just around the corner from the Trocadero, so there’s no even any need to jump on  public transport for hours. Hurrah! Pop inside, and you’ll discover a seriously impressive home for all those mysterious creatures of the deep – this isn’t one of those sad aquariums which has, like, two fishes and a crab. This has 10,000 fish, 2,500 jellyfish, 750 coral reefs and the world’s largest shark tank. Yep, this place means business.

You’ll find all your fishy friends here, including clownfish, starfish, and rays – but honestly, my favourite are the jellyfish. Whilst I have zero desire to meet them in real life, jellyfish in aquariums are absolutely beautiful. Safely behind the glass, you can watch them gracefully float and do their jellyfish thing. It’s remarkably relaxing and ethereal.

The Paris Aquarium is an extraordinary place, and a hidden gem in the heart of Paris!

Create your own custom perfume

Regular readers of this blog (gawd bless ya) will know that I have a little thing about perfume. I like collecting it, I like creating it, I like using it to evoke places I’ve travelled to, and gently weep because I’m not there anymore.

So what better way to spend a rainy afternoon in Paris than heading along to Sillages Paris, and creating your very own perfume! There’s a few places in Paris which offer this service, and they tend to be dreadfully stuffy, pretentious, and expensive. Sillages throws all of that nonsense out of the window, offering a perfume-making experience which is professional, yet fun and modern!

Make an appointment to come to the Sillages Paris workshop, and you’ll be guided through the whole process by a trained perfumer. You’ll be able to pick your favourite scents, and learn how to pick different notes to accompany them. You literally can’t fail to make something that smells delicious, because they know their stuff and will step in if you pick something that’s not fully complementary to the other ingredients. And then you get to go home with your own, completely unique, Parisian perfume!

If you’re completely intrigued, have a read of my Sillages Paris review!

People walking along the Champs-Elysees in Paris in January

See the Christmas displays on the Champs Elysées

Above anywhere else, there is one street in Paris which is synonymous with Christmas, festivities, and that magical winter feeling. That street is the Champs Elysées.

Usually famed for the grand monument of the Arc de Triomphe, or the various designer fashion flagship stores along its length, the Champs Elysées is transformed in the winter. The trees which line the avenue are decorated with over a million bulbs (the city’s workers start putting them up in September; there’s that many) which are solar powered. Come the festive season, the lights are switched on, and the most famous road in Paris is transformed into Wonderland at a stroke.

But it’s not just the lights which make the Champs Elysées so magical in the winter; those fashion stores make an equally big impact! Christmas in Paris comes with the finest window displays imaginable; designers such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci putting on a show which is the equal of anything you’ll find in London or New York. Louis Vuitton in particular is renowned for amazing displays year-round, but Christmas is when they really go to town!

A walk down the Champs Elysées at Christmas is truly magical – the lights are generally turned on in late November, and are worth the trip to Paris alone!

Go underground into the Paris Catacombs

You’re visiting Paris at Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s go see dead people; yaaaaaay!

Okay, okay – it doesn’t seem Christmassy. But The Paris Catacombs are one of the city’s most popular and incredible attractions, plus it gets you into the warmth of the underground! Win-win! You can find the entrance at Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy (yup, that’s a mouthful), near to the Metro station of Denfert-Rochereau, and €29 gets you a ticket to an ancient labyrinth. That might seem a lot, but this is legit one of the most historic spots in Paris.

Try to get here early, as the catacombs only hold 200 at a time, and you’ll save yourself a wait. But you’ll soon be off on your tour, and seeing one of the most famous ossuaries in human history. Originally a limestone mine, the catacombs became an overflow for local cemeteries in 1810, and were a disorganised mess at first. But in the way that mausoleums tend to have, some bright park decided to make art out of the bones of the unfortunates stored here. This is why you can see the famous walls of skulls, horrifying yet oddly beautiful.  

See also  Budapest to Bratislava Train: An Easy (and Awesome!) Day Trip!

The catacombs are chilly all year, so make sure you’re wrapped up warm. But honestly, this is an ideal time of year to visit – imagine how cold you’d be in the summer, with your light clothing on. At least you’re dressed for the occasion!

The Paris Catacombs, an eerie but fascinating place

Take a Paris cooking class

There’s no better way of getting to know a new country or city than by taking a cooking class. You get to interact with a local, and learn exactly what goes into their everyday food – and their everyday lives. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a good cook or not! Go along, have fun, make a big mess, and eat some awesome food at the end!

Paris is a city which knows its food. There’s a reason why there’s so many world-class restaurants here, after all. French cooking is synonymous with quality, and taking a cooking class in the city is your opportunity to hold a dinner party for your friends when you get back, wow them with your new recipes and skills, and casually mention “oh, this old thing? I learnt how to cook this in Paris.”

So make the most of this most useful of indoor activities in Paris in winter, and track down your ideal class! I always love the courses that Cookly offer, as there’s so much to choose from – you can choose savoury options such as croque-monsieurs or onion soup, or a whole plethora of sweet treats. If, like me, you visit Paris and get utterly hooked on genuine macarons, you’ll have the power to make your own, forever.

The classes are super-easy to book, and you get to spend a day with lovely Parisian ladies, learning their skills. What’s not to love!

Get wet but warm at Aquaboulevard

This might sound completely contrary, but one of the best ways to escape the damp and drizzle of Paris is by getting utterly soaked!

Aquaboulevard is located just southwest of Paris city center, but it’s nice and easy to get there by public transport. Simply hop on a Metro to Corentin-Celton station, and it’s a ten minute walk from there. You’ll be rewarded by an incredible indoor swimming complex; as a long-term lover of swimming pools, and especially ones that have that little hint of the tropical, this place pretty much blew my mind!

Everything you’ve ever wanted from a swimming pool is here, guaranteed to pack the maximum amount of fun into your visit. Slides? Check. Wave machine? Check. Surfboarding simulator? Check. Rope swing which allows you to do your best Tarzan impression, before splashing safely into the water? Check. It even has an outdoor beach, although you’re probably don’t going to want to sample that one in the winter!

Want to make it a little more festive? You can join a New Year’s Eve party, right there in the pool. How cool is that?

Take a guided bus tour

Want to know a dirty secret? When I visit somewhere in the winter, I kind of love city bus tours.

There! I said it! You now know all of the skeletons in my closet, and am totally open to blackmail. But don’t judge me just yet, because there’s logic to it. Even though bus tours might be touristy, hot and crowded in the summer, stopping you from seeing a place in a more authentic way – they come into their own in the winter. A way of seeing the city whilst keeping warm, with quieter buses and roads than in the summer? Yeah, I’m up for that!

When I was visiting Paris, I hopped on a tour bus because I was keen to head up to the Montmartre district, and get a bit of info at the same time. And as most of the services are hop-on-hop-off, it means that you can use them as an effective way to get around some of the sights, and learn a bit at the same time! I chose Big Bus Paris for my tour – and I’ve got to say, they were absolutely excellent. The live guides were utterly charming and informed, the service runs some great routes which pick up all of the big landmarks, and they even provide you with free ponchos if needed!

Remind yourself that it’s okay to be super-touristy sometimes, and take advantage of a bus tour – I guarantee that you’ll get way more out of them than you ever imagined!

Paris in the winter, seen from the top of the Eiffel Tower

See the winter scenery of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

We’ve reached the end of our list of things to do in Paris in the winter. Cry! But there’s just one more Paris experience that we can’t possibly leave out.

The Eiffel Tower. The Iron Lady. The face that launched a thousand souvenirs from Paris. The most iconic of structures in the whole city, the Eiffel Tower will have been a steady presence during your stay in the city. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to go along and take some photos of it on a wintery day (if you’re lucky enough to have a dusting of snow, this is definitely the place to come), there’s an even better way to take advantage of it.

Take a tour up the Eiffel Tower, and you can stand at the top, and take in the whole of Paris in its winter glory. You might have snow, or a silvery mist, or just that lovely faded sunlight you find on a winter’s afternoon. In any event, it’s a wonderful way to see the City of Lights sprawled out beneath you, illuminated with decorations and Christmas cheer.

Can you honestly think of a better way to conclude your trip? Nope, me neither!



Where to stay in Paris in winter

So, you’re now onboard with the idea of visiting Paris in winter. That’s awesome! It really is one of the very best times to visit, and as you’ve already read, there’s plenty of places to escape Paris weather in winter without compromising on quality!

The next step towards achieving your Paris dreams is to find the perfect hotel. You’re already taking advantage of this being a cheaper time of year, so you can use the money saved in order to get something a little more central. Or, you can find a hotel a little further out, make your trip even cheaper, and spend your money on attractions instead! The choice is yours, and I’ve got Paris hotels for all budgets!

Let’s check them out!


Le Regent Montmartre: This place is awesome on many levels! It’s a hostel, but also has private rooms, so you’re going to get one of the best views in town no matter which option you choose! The entire place is spotlessly clean, and perfectly situated in the heart of Montmartre – if you’re super-lucky and pick one of the private rooms, you might even get a view overlooking Sacré-Cœur. That makes Le Regent Montmartre worth every penny!

Hotel de FloreThis place really punches above its weight. It offers clean, reasonably-sized rooms at a very good price, mere metres from Sacre-Coeur. The beds are really comfortable (no rock-hard, paper-thin mattresses here – these are like sleeping on clouds), and it has good transport links nearby to help you get into the city center. Friendly staff are the cherry on the cake. This is a gem of a budget hotel!


Drawing HotelThis place has to have one of the most appropriate names ever: this gorgeous hotel is a stone’s throw from the Louvre! Perfect for art lovers who want to beat the crowds (you can easily be one of the first through the doors in the morning), especially as the hotel has its own art exhibition centre, the friendly staff will welcome you in to your new, chic base. The location alone makes this place a must, but clean, airy rooms mean that your stay will be a comfy one!

Elysées Union: If you want a super-convenient location, this place can’t be beat. Located between the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, a stone’s throw from the where the airport transfer buses drop you off, you may also be rewarded with the goal of every Paris visitor – a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower. If that’s not enough for you, the breakfasts are absolutely GORGEOUS! They get pastries and croissants from the excellent bakery just over the road, and they’re mouthwatering!


Hôtel Paris Bastille Boutet: If you’re looking for the perfect bolthole from those winter, Paris nights, this is the place! Located right by the Bastille (as the name would suggest), this five star hotel drips with the best in Paris luxury without charging you stupid amounts of money. Sumptuous breakfasts can be served in your room, before you access the complimentary Turkish bath and sauna. Head outside, and you’ll find yourself in one of the best neighbourhoods in Paris! 

Monsieur George: If money is  no object, or if you want to treat yourself to a truly luxurious couple of days, this is your new Paris home. Two steps from the glamour of the Champs-Elysées, this place is nothing less than the highest-rated hotel in Paris. Seriously, check the score – it’s a perfect ten. You really don’t see that often! Beautiful, traditional rooms provide the perfect stay, and the staff will genuinely treat you like royalty from start to finish. Classic, classy, and an oasis of calm and privacy in the heart of the city, you really can’t do better than stay here.

A Parisian woman walks near the Arc de Triomphe in the winter

 Packing list for Paris in winter

I’ve talked a lot in this article about wearing your winter warmer clothes, and with good reason – you’re going to need them to fend off that Paris cold! But what exactly do you need to take? What’s some ideal Paris fashion to strut the streets? Good news – you can get everything you need from Amazon, delivered to your door with no need to sign up to some company you’ve never heard of! Yay!

Let’s get those Paris essentials!

Mid-length camel coatTrust me – if you want to truly feel like a Parisian, and not like you have a neon sign over your head flashing “TOURIST”, get a mid-length camel coat. Nearly every local lady I saw had one of these, and if you get a good one, you can pair it up with something chic underneath for when you’re inside. You can splash out for a Calvin Klein one if you’re feeling so inclined, but this one by Allegra K will serve you just as well!

Chic sweaterWhether you’re treating yourself to an oh-so-Parisian camel coat, or taking your own old favourite, you want a sleek sweater underneath for when you step indoors. Sportswear tops might be nice and warm, but do you really want to be sitting in a Paris cafe wearing one? No, you do not. Stick to dark colours, and something fairly form-fitting, and you can’t go wrong. This affordable turtleneck from VOBCTY does the job nicely!

Thermal tights: The most fashionable Paris ladies wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of slouchy jeans, not even in the coldest weather. Winter isn’t an excuse for looking sloppy, so look trendy whilst beating the cold with a pair of thermal tights! These tights from Vero Monte may be a little pricier than some, but that’s because they’re genuine quality. Fleece lined, soft, and well-elasticated for a trim figure, these will keep you warm in the most frigid weather. Don’t take the risk on cheaper brands!

Skater skirt: You’ll be needing a cute skirt to go over those thermal tights, and I loooooove this offering from Belle Poque! It’s the epitome of Paris chic, with a cute bow just off-center, and the right length for keeping the worst of the cold off your legs. Even better, it comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to add a little pop of something to your winter look if you wish. Grab one of these, and prepare to dazzle. 

Heeled shoes: You’ve got a trendy coat, perfectly-matching sweater, skirt, and tights. Why ruin your carefully-crafted look with a heavy pair of boots? This quality pump from legendary shoe brand Clarks (I’m a Brit: honestly, you can’t do better than Clarks) will serve you perfectly. Heeled without being too high, it’ll cope admirably with the clear Parisian streets – remember that snow is uncommon here! Get the black leather ones for the perfect look.

Tartan scarf: You might not be able to afford the latest Burberry scarf… but there’s no reason that anyone else needs to know that! Tartan scarves are the perfect accessory when teamed with that essential coat, keeping you warm, and adding a splash of your chosen colour. Grab one of these Burberry dupes – they’re far cheaper than the ones you’ll find in Paris souvenir shops, and quite considerably cheaper than the real thing!

Thermal vest: I never travel anywhere in the winter without a thermal vest; they’re perfect for keeping your chest and lungs nice and toasty whilst you explore in the cold. These vests from Heat Holders do exactly as the  name would suggest, and they’re good and form-fitting – perfect for wearing under that sweater, and keeping warm whilst looking good!

Warm hat: Whilst your first thought of hats in Paris might be a beret (and don’t get me wrong; you do see locals wearing them), if you’re particularly sensitve to the cold, you might want to go for something with a bit more coverage. Heat Holders come to the rescue again with this lovely, snug hat available in a variety of perfect winter shades, fleece-lined for extra warmth!

Umbrella: Let me be frank: Paris can get hella windy in the winter, especially if you happen to be down by the Seine. So what do you do if it happens to be raining, too? Simple: get one of these highly-recommended umbrellas from Rain-Mate! They’re wind-proof, designed for travel, and so adorably Instagrammable. Get one of these, and you’ll beat the rain whilst bringing a bit of colour back into the world!

Power bank: Paris is one beautiful city, and I can guarantee that you’re going to be taking plenty of photos whilst you’re out and about, even if the skies are overcast! Ensure that your phone doesn’t run out of battery by snagging one of the awesome power banks by RAVPower – this is the brand that I use, and I absolutely swear by them. I’ve had mine for five years, and it’s never let me down! You’ll get multiple charges before you need to hook it up to the mains, making it a must-have for any travel fan.

Plug adaptor: Remember that Europe uses different plug sockets – if this miss this small yet crucial detail, you’re probably going to have a rough time of it. No phone, no camera, no hair straighteners! Assuage all your worries with this international adaptor, which will cover anywhere you’re ever planning to travel to, whilst being well-priced and absolutely safe to use.


Share this article, and spread the Paris winter tips!

Congratulations! You’re now completely versed on the best things to do in Paris in winter, the best places to stay, and the best things to wear to beat the cold. You’re all set, and ready to enjoy the City of Lights at a time when it truly lives up to its name. 

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Thanks for reading, and feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Looking for the ultimate guide to Paris in winter? You've found it! Covering everything from the best things to do in Paris in winter, to packing lists with the finest Parisian chic outfits so you'll know exactly what to wear whilst keeping warm, this gives you everything you need for a fantastic trip in December or January. Have a perfect Paris Christmas or New Year, and discover the best photography spots for capturing memories! #Paris #ParisInWinter #ParisTravel #WinterTravel Looking for the ultimate guide to Paris in winter? You've found it! Covering everything from the best things to do in Paris in winter, to packing lists with the finest Parisian chic outfits so you'll know exactly what to wear whilst keeping warm, this gives you everything you need for a fantastic trip in December or January. Have a perfect Paris Christmas or New Year, and discover the best photography spots for capturing memories! #Paris #ParisInWinter #ParisTravel #WinterTravel Looking for the ultimate guide to Paris in winter? You've found it! Covering everything from the best things to do in Paris in winter, to packing lists with the finest Parisian chic outfits so you'll know exactly what to wear whilst keeping warm, this gives you everything you need for a fantastic trip in December or January. Have a perfect Paris Christmas or New Year, and discover the best photography spots for capturing memories! #Paris #ParisInWinter #ParisTravel #WinterTravel


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