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Update: Upcoming Travels for 2018

Hey, travel lovers!

Firstly, an apology – my updates have been slightly patchy over the past few weeks, mostly because I was absolutely flattened by case of flu. I’ve only recently recovered fully, and at least feel vaguely capable of stringing some sentences together now! Luckily, I’ve now got a good few weeks coming up in which I’ll be flu-free, with plenty of time for writing, so expect a more regular schedule from now on!

There’s a few articles already in the works, and I’m very excited about them – I’m going to be telling you how I’ve almost completely reduced my travel anxiety, and how you can do it too, and how to ease your fear of flying by using only your phone. Yes, this is important stuff.

And, of course, I’m going to have some travel guides for you! Because I have been going on a TRAVEL PLANNING AND BOOKING BONANZA. Seriously.

Yes, with the anxiety fully on the way to being under control, it’s like the doors to the world have been opened. And I’ve flung myself through with a backpack in one hand, and an iPhone with the Skyscanner app open on it in the other (probably accidentally pressing buttons and buying unwanted eBay items as I go – I’m not the only one who does that, right?). It’s a fantastic feeling, and I’m finally ready to go out there and travel as much as possible. My aim is to see as many ‘new’ countries as possible in 2018, and every year thereafter!


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So, where am I heading?

Amsterdam: Next month sees a trip that I should’ve done long ago, when you consider how ridiculously short the flight is (less time than it takes me to get to London on the train!), but previously my fear of flying was so bad that even short trips seemed like huge, massively-long death flights. So a trip to Amsterdam is the perfect dip into the travel waters to start the year off! I can’t wait; it’s such a beautiful place, scenic and historic, and I’m looking forward to curling up in a cozy brown cafe after a day of exploring.

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Germany/Austria: Two more countries within easy reach that I’ve never visited! So I’ll be doing entry-level backpacking – a few days in Germany, followed by a train trip into Austria for a further few days. Really looking forward to this too: two amazing places with stunning architecture and scenery, and more importantly, really good food. I am all over that food! Looking to do this trip in early May, with the sun shining through the crisp Alpine air.

Italy: Hope you enjoyed my guides and stories from the Naples region of Italy, because yep, I’m going back again! And this time I’ll be exploring some places that I haven’t been to before – Ischia, Procida, and maybe the more historic sights of Capri. And, of course, the chaotic but fascinating bundle of contradictions that is Napoli itself. Travelling here in late May!

St. Petersburg: Ohhhh yes; this is one I can’t wait to get booked. I’ve been fascinated by Russia for years, but I never thought I’d be able to go there, thanks to my travel nerves. But I’m going to do it! St Petersburg looks an absolutely amazing place, and I can’t wait to have a look around this most historic city. This will be later in the year – but before it gets too cold!

So that’s the firm plans for now, but guess what? I’ve got plenty of other opportunities to travel this year. And I’m going to take them all, so expect to see some more destinations added later!

Also, this site will soon be getting its long-promised makeover, as I’ve finally found a theme I like. So it should have some shiny new features very very soon!

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View of Procida Italy


That’s all for now, but expect to see a lot of new content in the coming weeks – things are about to take off! Quite literally!

Been to any of the places I’ve mentioned? Let me know your tips below!


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    February 23, 2018 at 11:40 am

    A fantastic idea, good luck with the planning. 🙂

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      February 25, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      Thank you very much! 🙂

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