Oh, Capri. 

Oh, Capri. Where do I start, you beautiful island of dreams; you perfumed jewel on a cushion of azure blue. Every time I come here, I think to myself, “I’ve been to Capri a few times; I’ve seen what it has to offer.” And you whisper back, tranquilla, ragazza. You know nothing. Come back, and see. 

And I come back, and I know straight away that you’re right. Away from the hubbub of the shops, away from the girls endlessly twisting and turning in front of a view in order to get that perfect Instagram photo, away from all that, you stun me every time with your peace, your kind Italian spirit, your natural beauty that is of a sort that the Instagram girls can only dream of, and which they’ll never find, hidden away from the crowds and tired tourist trails. You reel me in, you make me reel, and you do it with a smile. 

I love you, Capri. I love your wild side. I love your hills, your cliffs, your waters. But one day, Capri, you are seriously going to make my feet fall off. 

Having a wonderful time in Italy!! Visit back here in the days to come for write ups, reviews, and general Italy love. I’m off to soak my feet. 

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Wait until I can upload the photos from my Canon – I went a little crazy!

      1. I’m sure it will be wonderful!

  1. Looks so beautiful! Have fun 🙂

    1. I am having the BEST time. I’ve written in my travel journal, “I’m going to travel for the rest of my life, and nothing will stop me” – going to stick to that!! x

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