Positano – The Essentials

So, if you’ve read Travel: Positano Bites Back, you might be thinking to yourself, “wow, Positano looks great! I want to experience the atmosphere, the glamour, and the million steps for myself!”. Well, here’s your handy guide for getting yourself there with the minimum of fuss.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get yourself to Sorrento. Trust me, unless you’re getting a private car from Naples Airport (and there’s plenty of companies online who offer this), then you’re going to need to stop off in Sorrento. But Sorrento is beautiful, so think of it as less of an annoying stop, and more of a good opportunity to see a wonderful place! For the best ways to get to Sorrento, please see my previous post, Travel: London to Naples – The Essentials.

By Road

Travelling by bus is, in my opinion, the most scenic way of reaching Positano, as well as the cheapest. Whether you’ve arrived in Sorrento by either rail or bus, you’re going to arrive in exactly the same part of Sorrento, as the rail and bus stations are handily located next to each other.

Go into the tobacconists which is located at the entrance of the train station (you may see a sign for the tourist office; use the other door). The guys in here are extremely good: they speak excellent English, and they’ll give you directions to your bus.

Check Unico Campania’s website for up to date ticket prices, but at time of writing, an hourly ticket will cost €2.40. Fancy making some other stops? In that case, buy the 24-hour ticket which costs a bit more.

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Some buses go direct to Positano; otherwise get the bus headed to Amalfi. As always, stamp your ticket when you get on! Then sit back and relax, as your bus takes you down the achingly-scenic SS163 road – if you want the sea views, sit on the left-hand side of the bus as you get on.

When you reach Positano, don’t get off at the first stop, at Bar Internazionale – there’s a couple of other bus stops afterwards which put you in easier reach of the town centre. You don’t have to do what I did, and tackle the very steep flight of steps! Your legs will thank you.

If you really want a guide as you take in the scenery, then you can get one of the red City Sightseeing buses in Sorrento (you can hop on and off in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi), but only take this option if you’re really desperate for the guided tour – it’s an expensive option otherwise.

By Ferry

For those of you craving a life on the ocean waves, or if you’re arriving in Sorrento via the dock at Molo Beverello in Naples, you might want to continue your journey to Positano by ferry instead of going up some fairly steep steps to Sorrento’s bus station. If so, go to the ticket office at Sorrento’s Marina Piccola, and purchase your ticket (check online for times first; there’s not a huge number of services per day). This will cost you around €16 – 19.50 (note that some services go via Capri), and take about forty minutes. Enjoy the views of the Sorrentine Peninsula!

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When’s the best time to visit?

Popular opinion has May as the best month to visit Positano – the temperatures are good (trust me, with all the steps, you don’t want it too baking hot!), the flowers are blooming, and you’re not yet in the peak tourist season. September is also popular, as the weather is still fine, and the crowds have largely thinned.

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